DIY Outdoor Movie Night


As I sit at my desk and look at the window it’s already dark outside and it’s not even 5pm yet! While I love the Fall season the only damper is the lack of sunshine in the late afternoon. Of course it does have it’s perks as well. I find that I can get Hudson to bed earlier because it’s so dark out and he thinks it’s really late. Additional perk is getting to host an outdoor movie night and being able to start the movie at 5pm and have my little guests stay awake for all of the movie.

Yes, there is a chill in the air, but that’s what blankets are for. We also strike up our fire pit for additional warmth.

Interested in treating yourself to an outdoor movie night?

Here is some inspiration:

When we built our deck one of the best parts of our new outdoor space was our amazing outdoor furniture. I love having an actual sectional outside that all of my family can sit on.

For the movie night I simply moved over the sectional to the grass. Outdoor furniture is so light that was a breeze.

I made sure to fill the sofa with cozy pillows and have extra throws for people to cuddle with or place on the grass and view the movie from there. By blankets I actually mean I went to Joanns and picked up anit pill fleece and cut 2 yard long blankets. Voila! No sewing, no fraying! Plus I was able to use a 40% coupon and it was steal!

Adorable movie appropriate pillows: Vintage Popcorn and ticket pillow.

I filled up a wooden crate with dollar treats from the Dollar Tree and mini soda cans with straws. Warmed up ready made pretzels and added those to my snack table as well.

outdoor movie night

Of course what is a movie night without popcorn! I made bags upon bags of popcorn and filled them in a basket. I then provided guests with popcorn bags, spray butter and all sorts of goodies so that they could make their own custom popcorn treats.

popcorn station

All you needed to do was:

-Grab a bag

-Scoop popcorn

-Spray with butter

-Season with treats



popcorn station

I made sure to include savory and sweet options:

My personal favorite:

I also made some of my favorite Nuetlla Pizza. YUM! So good!

I topped off my concession stand with a hot chocolate bar as well!

Mugs, hot cocoa and marshmallows are a great start to any hot chocolate bar, but I also added some andes mints, white chocolate chips and toffee chips.

What else could be better than some laughs, yummy food and getting to hang out with those nearest and dearest to you!

Source by Camila Pavone