Kitchen Breakfast Nook – Why Should You Buy It?


Kitchen nook is extremely utilitarian furniture that forms small cozy area off or near kitchen where you can sit together with family and friends for having breakfast or discussion over a cup of coffee. It is the focal point for family and friends to gather with what you can share a snack or meal in relative comfort and children can also play board games or study on the kitchen breakfast nook.

The main feature of breakfast nook is that it can be arranged in any style of kitchen wherein you can create a cozy seating of an eat-in kitchen and it also does not interrupt the kitchen's working triangle. The arrangement of your kitchen nook with table, chairs or benches can create an ambiance of eating out at an exclusive dining establishment. It is easily accessible in the kitchen itself and gives your kitchen design a warm and personal touch.

The stylish kitchen nook efficiently utilizes the free kitchen space and is designed taking into consideration the size limits that are available in most of the modern living spaces. According to your personal style and kitchen layout, you can select the breakfast nook design. The set consists of small elegant breakfast nook table that is durable and easy to wipe off. To utilize the corner space and give a trendy look to your kitchen, you can opt for rectangular or L shaped kitchen nook tables. Octagonal or hexagonal round tables are generally used if you have sufficient space in your kitchen. For seating arrangement, you can accommodate large family in limited space by using benches instead of chairs.

The prime advantage of using a corner breakfast nook is that its benches are equipped with built-in storage facility under the seating area. This valuable storage space can be used for storing small kitchen appliances and kitchen linens. Also some bench backs have a pull out drawer in which you can store extra glassware. The kitchen nook is truly a multifunctional piece of furniture that offers full functionality with elegant look and optimum utilization of space.

Kitchen nooks are available in variety of designs and patterns and are prepared from bamboo, wood, glass and metal. To give your kitchen a contemporary look, you can choose breakfast nook table made of metal and glass that gives stylish and elegant look. You can create a classic royal look and enhance your kitchen decor by incorporating plain or carved wooden tables. You can also set kitchen nook in your front or back porch, in a sun room or even in balcony, depending on your individual choice and style.

Source by Ginny Sandhu