The Benefits Of Using Contract Cafe Furniture


Opening a cafe is not an easy task. With a vast abundance of different cafes in virtually every town, it’s important to set yourself apart from the competition and do things differently. The interior decor of your establishment will set the mood and is a crucial element of your long-term success. Before you open your cafe it’s important to ensure that it has the best possible styling. Some visitors will only give you one chance, and if you open shop when it’s not ready, you could lose them for good.

Walls and Floors

The color and materials of your walls and floors should project a feeling of calmness. People visit cafes to relax and enjoy the atmosphere, and using bold colors such as red can lead to the opposite effect. Pale blue, light turquoise and violet are soothing and known for their restful qualities. Always use the rule of 60-30-10 when you choose your color scheme. 60 percent of your interior should be the prominent color. A soft neutral or light hue is recommended since it’s the color that people will spend the most time looking at. 30 percent should be the secondary color, used to provide a bit of visual stimuli. This color can be slightly bolder and should be incorporated into your cafe furniture. 10 percent should be the accent color, used to highlight certain areas of the room. The accent can be as subtle or bold as you like and is often incorporated into artwork and ornaments etc.

Windows and Coverings

Nobody wants to sit down and enjoy their coffee in a dark room. Making sure you provide enough light for customers is crucial. Overdoing it with lamps simply won’t cut it. Natural light makes people feel happy, so it’s important to choose window coverings that will let in as much sunlight as possible. Don’t use thick curtains or bulky blinds, unless the style of your cafe specifically requires them. Valances are the recommended option. Valances will provide color, which will give your windows more character, and will only cover a small portion of your windows.

Furniture and Accessories

The right cafe furniture is one of the most important parts of the interior design process. The tables and chairs should not only fuse with the color and style of the walls and floors, but should be as comfortable as possible. You’ll soon start losing customers if you don’t provide comfy seating. When you are choosing your cafe furniture don’t shy away from breaking the mold. The classic “American diner” feel has been done time and time again, so try to think outside the box. If you want to take it one step further you could even get furniture installed that’s designed around the contours of your cafe.

Contract Furniture

Contract furniture is designed and manufactured specifically for commercial properties. Using a contract furniture company to install your furniture will give off an aura of class and professionalism, rather than making your cafe look like a glorified dining room.

Source by Kenneth Steward Robertson