A Tall Kitchen Cabinet to Make the Most of Vertical Storage Space


Inside the home there are two rooms that may benefit most from a tall cabinet, and they are the bathroom and kitchen (or pantry). It is these two rooms that are perhaps most prone to be short of storage space as well as floor space, so having storage units that tower upwards can be a great benefit. Even with an existing modern bathroom a new tall kitchen cabinet may become necessary or desirable at some stage.

If you already have matching cabinets in the kitchen that are modern and quite recent, and you are happy with them, then adding a tall kitchen cabinet to the set will mean finding a match. The first port of call must be the company that installed the kitchen; that is if you were satisfied with the cabinets and their installation. Failing that a local cabinet maker may come up with a good match, otherwise it will be pot luck trying to find the best match possible.

If your kitchen is not tightly coordinated in color and material then it will be much easier for you to find a tall kitchen cabinet that you are pleased with. You can find them online in a range of colors, styles and prices; similarly in your local hardware stores if you have good sized stores. White, for example, is very easy to match so cabinets such as the Flow Wall range at Shears; you will find many other white cabinets of all sizes in the larger hardware and furniture stores, as well as kitchen showrooms.

Many people still love a traditional wood kitchen even if the styling is modern. Manufacturers of kitchen furniture are well aware of that so again it should be relatively easy to find just what suits you in the way of a tall kitchen cabinet. For example, the Ameriwood Single Door Pantry with old fashioned pine finish will only cost just over $ 200, but has the traditional vintage look. It is constructed of wood particle board and comes with three shelves.

If you prefer and can afford solid wood then there are plenty of solid wood tall kitchen cabinets about. One example is the Home Styles Wood Pantry with Oak Finish, which costs much more at about $ 670. This tall kitchen cabinet has distinctive carvings at top and bottom to give it a vintage look; of course you do need to be sure that it will look right in your own kitchen. It is easy to imagine such a cabinet in a spacious country kitchen.

Source by Roy Thomsitt