Advantages of Office Furniture Liquidators for Sellers and Buyers


Offices and businesses own a large amount of furniture in the form of cubicles, desks, chairs, sofas etc and they cost a lot of money. After sometimes, the company may decide to remove the existing furniture and replace it with a new one so as to redesign the office or giving it a totally new look. Companies may also want to get rid of the furniture if the business is downsizing or if the business is coming to an end. Merging of two businesses also results in rendering a significant amount of furniture useless.

Keeping an unused inventory wastes a lot of space and it is also liable for taxes, so it is best for the companies to do something about it.

What Can Companies do with the Old Furniture?

A company can get rid of the furniture either by throwing it in the trash, donating it, or selling it to some new company.

  • Throwing in the trash: If the furniture is still under working condition, then throwing it in the trash is not a good idea. It’s true that the value of the wood decreases with time, but it still has some significant value which can be helpful in recouping a part of the investment which the company made in buying the furniture.
  • Donating the furniture: This can be seen a charity work and it does provide some tax benefits. But many times other businesses, even the new start-up ones, don’t want to feel like they’re dependent on someone else’s charity, and so they don’t want donated furniture.
  • Selling the Furniture: Selling of the furniture can be done either by the company itself or through a furniture liquidator. If the company decides to do the business itself, then it will have to spare some time and delivery cost in order to finalize the deal. Liquidator firms, on the other hand, undertake all the removal and shipping processes and they also provide a better bargain as compared to what companies can get itself.

    Liquidation firms also have cubature trucks which make transportation of furniture easy.

    It’s true that the companies won’t get any tax benefit by selling, but the value they’ll get will far outnumber the tax benefits.

What are the Benefits for the Buyers?

Strong and durable woods are not cheaper, and buying new furniture for the office can swallow a huge portion of the budget. Buying used furniture at low costs can help businesses, especially the small and new ones, save a lot of money.

Also, new and customized furniture takes at least six to eight weeks before getting delivered. This time can be saved by buying used furniture from a liquidation firm.

Environmental Benefits: If the furniture is still usable, then throwing it in the trash is certainly not good from the environmental point of view. Also, buying new furniture means more cutting of wood. Liquidation of furniture can save the environment by accumulating less wants in the landfills and by preventing the cutting of the trees.

Source by Shalini M