Best Theaters Off West End


If you are on your way to London wherever for business or pleasure, then you have probably heard of West End. West End is the famous "Theatreland" of London, their own Broadway, if you will. Theatreland, as it has been fondly named, comprises of a high volume of theaters within a small area.

The majority of people who go to see a show when in London will choose one of the West End theaters, because it is on a par with Broadway in the United States. But the truth is, there are a number of theaters that fall outside of the West End, which guarantee to still provide you with a theatrical night to remember, wherever you want to see an opera, a comedy, a ballet or a drama.

One of the most famous off West End theaters is The Yark in Hackney. This theater is a one hundred and ten seater amphitheater. The small venue has been made mostly with recycled materials and produced mostly new writings. It can provide an enjoyable and memorable London experience if you do not want to visit one of the more popular theaters and are looking for something different and unique to do.

Then there is the Bush Theater, which is located in Shepherds Bush. This little theater has been in the area since 1972. It has moved to the old public library building, which has provided the threat with more room, more seating and a larger stage area so that they can perform their shows with ease and confidence. This theater guarantees to delight when looking for a different cultural evening in London.

Finborough Theater is a fifty seater theater located in Earls Court. This small and intimate theater focuses mostly on new writings, but has been chosen as one of the favored off West End Theaters in London and definitely worth a visit when you next in the city.

Orange Tree Theater is another of the favorite off West End Theaters, located in the popular area of ​​Richmond. This theater opened it's doors to the public in 2014 and offers a host of top revivals and new writings that you can enjoy when looking for something different and special to do. You can enjoy a relaxing meal and then head down to this unique theater for a night of entertainment that you can remember for years to come.

Lyrics in Hammersmith is a one hundred and twenty five year old theater where a high volume of their performances have actually moved across to the West End due to high demand. If you want to see it first and you want to enjoy a touch of history and culture in a old theater, then this is the right choice for you.

The Gale Theater guarantees to delight. This theater provides you with a seventy five seater theater located above the Prince Albert pub in Notting Hill. Here you can enjoy a variety of different performances in an intimate theater where you can spend your night laughing, crying or just being amazed by the performances in front of you.

There is no reason that you have to go to West End Theaters every time you are in London. If you are visiting and looking for something a little different to do, then visiting one of the off West End theaters may be the solution you need to have an entertaining evening that you can remember for years to come.

Source by Ray Goertz