Choosing Bean Bag Chairs


Some may think it’s unnecessary to talk about how to choose bean bag chairs, but it’s very much like choosing clothes. The wrong choice may look unappealing. Choosing this type of chair should be integrated into your interior design.

Chairs of any type add to the appearance of your room. More than adding an indoor appeal, chairs are also important part of your furniture set. A bean bag chair would be perfect inside a gaming room or even as an addition to your living room chair set. It can be placed in the corner or between two long sofas, depending on your living room design and furniture set. So the question now is how to choose your chair. It doesn’t have to be difficult and there are usually four things to consider: fabric, design, size, and fill.

There are different types of bean bags in the market and they are made of a variety of fabrics. It can be covered in vinyl, leather, fur, denim, cotton cloth, or microfiber. Vinyl is commonly used and chosen because it is easy to clean, but its surface can be sticky. Sometimes, the fabric is not very important. What’s more important is the quality of the fabric. High quality fabric should be durable and friction-resistant. Otherwise, you would be replacing the cover too often. Moreover, it should have liners so that you can remove the covers without directly exposing the filling material. Covers are removed for washing or replacement.

The size and shape of a bean bag chair should be considered. You don’t want large chairs in a small room. Many just buy whatever chairs they see and realize what they bought doesn’t seem to go with their living room design. Usually, people just choose a shape or size based solely on preference, not taking into consideration if a particular chair would look right in their room. Did you know that the shape of a chair affects comfort? For instance, pear-shaped ones are bigger and provide more back support. Then there is the pancake shaped chair, which is flatter and is more like a recliner than a chair. There are smaller ones that are specifically designed for kids.

The material inside the bean bag is called the fill, which can be made up of polystyrene material. Polystyrene fill has a soft quality that provide years of comfort. Polystyrene can withstand repeated compression so that it doesn’t lose volume and softness in the long run. Today, a lot of manufacturers of bean bags use recycled polystyrene. Buying chairs filled with recycled polystyrene material is targeted for the environment-friendly consumer.

Often, people end up buying a chair that doesn’t look appropriate in their room. So, the first thing to do is to look at your room and imagine the kind of bean bag that would fit in it. The design and color of a bean bag chair determine whether it complements your interior design. You may want to hold onto your chair receipt; just in case your purchase does not look appealing once you have bought and installed it.

Source by Cedric P Loiselle