Consider Real Cinema Chairs for Your Home Cinema Seating


Home cinema seating has been around for a reliably long time now, and there are several different options for the customer who is looking to create their perfect home theater.

One option, that many people go for (mainly because they see it as the only option) is the large recliner style cinema chair, similar to those famously sat on Joey and Chandler in Friends! The main problem with this type of seating is its size. It is simply so large that in the typical home theater garage conversion, you can only fit in a couple of chairs. It is also very expensive – a large reclining leather home cinema chair can cost upwards of £ 1,000.

Groups of these types of chairs are also available, but again they are expensive and take up an awful lot of space.

You can also use normal sofas and chairs, like you would have in a lounge. But this does not then distinguish your home theater as a cinema – it just looks like a lounge without windows! And again, size is an issue, as you are illegally to fit a lot of seats into the limited amount of space that you have. And if you want to get family and friends around for movie nights and big sporting events, the last thing you want to do is to ask people to sit on the floor.

There is now another option – just buy the same chairs that you sit on in your local multiplex cinema! There are several benefits to this. You can fit lots of these home cinema chairs into a reliably small space. Companies that sell these chairs also provide design and installation services, so they will tell you how many that you can fit into your home theater room, and will fit them for you. This helps you maximize each inch of space.

If you are budget conscious when looking for home cinema seating, these home cinema chairs can also be a very good way of making a large saving, without compromising on style and comfort. You are even able to buy factory refurbished cinema seats that have previously been in multiplexes at massive discounts, from under £ 100 per chair. Imagine being able to fit out a 10-seater home theater and spend less than £ 1000 on home cinema seating.

You then have a lot more spare cash to spend on your audio visual equipment. You might be considering a projector or a huge panel television for your cinema. And then you have to think about speakers. We've recently seen speakers by Amina that you can install into your wall and plaster over the top – the sound quality is amazing!

To find this type of cinema seating, take a look around the web and do not forget to look on eBay and see what's available, you could pick up an amazing bargain.

Source by Claire R Thorpe