Dining Room Table Pads to Lift Top Coffee Tables – Childproof Your Home Without Sacrificing Style



Keeping your possessions safe, sound, and intact when you have little kids running around isn’t always an easy task. Kids are just so innovative when it comes to destroying expensive items that it’s hard to stay one step ahead of them. But there are a couple of things that you can do to childproof your home and safeguard your furniture and electronics.

Whenever you are childproofing any room, there are two principles to keep in mind: “Cover it up”, and “Keep it away”.

Cover It Up

When I say cover it, I mean protective coverings, not decorative ones. Not that this means that you have to sacrifice beauty, but sturdiness is the number one thing that you’re looking for when it comes to protective furniture coverings.

Some items to consider are dining room table pads, plastic sofa covers, and the like. Look for items made out of sturdy material that will withstand scratches and beatings. If you think that a couple of millimeters on a table pad will do it, think again. Kids come up with all sorts of “great ideas”, like drawing pictures on the dining room table with their forks, and other brilliant schemes.

Make sure that you go for waterproof too. Kids are notorious for spilling everything everywhere. That’s why I said you should opt for a plastic sofa cover, as opposed to a fabric one. But don’t think that means that you have to settle for that horrible clear plastic stuff your Grandma had. You can find faux leather sofa covers that will keep the liquids at bay, and keep your living room looking modern and stylish at the same time.

Keep It Away

Think security when it comes to storage. Look for lockable cabinets and shelves that are out of your child’s arm reach. Bookcases are great, but the shelves can look cluttered if they are your only “dumping ground”.

Also, think about storage options for all of those little electronic gadgets that we all have floating around our homes nowadays. Those are definitely important to keep away from curious little fingers. Decorative storage options that are also easily accessible to adults are the perfect solution. Small baskets kept on top of the piano or interspersed among picture frames on the fireplace mantle are great for storage.

If despite your best efforts, your child keeps getting into your fragile and valuable belongings, don’t despair. There are always more ways to childproof your home.


Source by Linda B. Harris