Discovering Various Salon Styling Chairs


Today when a person goes to have something done at a beauty parlor or barber shop, they will find several salon styling chairs that they will sit in. These chairs will raise and lower as well as swivel to allow the stylist to turn up to reach the areas that they need. For some people, the chair helps the stylist to reach their hair in the back.

Many different types of these products are found today in varying styles. Most of the salons will have matching ones where each station will have the same chair as the next. They will have the foot levers that the stylist will use to raise and lower the chair as well.

The design of the chair has only changed slightly over the years. Today they are more compact and smaller than the original ones and most have only a slight recline to them. In addition they will have some ability to recline but not as far bar as those that were originally used in barber shops in the past.

Today different a different chair is used at each location through the store rather than a single chair moving to accommodate the next process. For washing, the person moves to the washing chair and then back to the other chair for the cut or styling that they are having done.

The design of this product is intended to be comfortable for the customer, convenient for the stylist and efficient to clean. It is important to consider that when you are having your hair trimmed, there are pieces that fall onto the floor. It is important when the trim is being done that these locks can fall through the back and onto the floor easily, avoiding the pieces sticking to the back of the customer or the chair.

It is important to understand that there is a difference between a barber chair and a salon chair. While they appear similar when they are positioned in the same way, a barber chair has the ability to recline quite substantially to allow for a customer to get a shave. A salon chair typically does not recline this far back as there are separate units that are used for the cutting process and the washing process.

A variety of different types and colors are available today. Many of the salons use a uniform color for each station. Most times the chairs will be a solid color with a silver base. Whether the base is round or if there are actual legs will depend on the overall design of the chair. Most in chain type salons will be all the same from place to place.

The use of salon styling chairs is a practice that goes back for many, many years. Barbers of course were the first to use this type of chair in a period of time when barbers served as the local dentist and doctor as well as the barber. Today there are many more choices for a person to have a comfortable seat while having their hair done.

Source by James Adcock