Ergonomic Desk Chairs – Ergonomic Kneeling Chair Pros and Cons


You probably have heard of the many benefits that ergonomic desk chairs accord their users. But if you are searching for the futuristic looking ergonomic kneeling chair, you might not have the extensive information you need.

Ergonomic kneeling chair is a special contraption which lets you sit upright, aligning your head, neck, shoulders with your back and shine. You sit on the seat pan with your knees resting on the knee cushion which helps your body to transfer some weight to the shine and knee, thereby lightening the load on the lower back and reducing back pains. It is however, important to note that not all ergonomically designed furniture is beneficial. You must know your own physical condition and needs before your choose your chair.

One of the pros of the kneel chair is that it helps the body to relieve stress and muscle aches in neck, shoulders, lower back and legs. One key point to note is that it is made for health bodies with no pre-existing joints and knee pain ailments. It literally forces the body into a good sitting posture the moment you take your seat and you should not feel fatigue even over extended periods of time, and enhances alertness at work. It is reputed to help those who suffer from lumbar pain, enlarged prostate as well displacement of hips and many chiropractors recommend it to their patients.

Despite the many pros mentioned above, disadvantages also abound. If you have pre-existing bad joints ailments in your knees and leg problems, your physician would have advised you not to use the kneel chair as you will aggravate your ailments further. If you have seen one before, you would know that it gives little mobility due to its limited position as your knees are locked in by the pressure on the knee cushions. As a large number of them do not come with arm rests and back rests, hence you are unable to rest your back when you feel tired.

It simply goes to show that not all ergonomically designed furniture right for all. You must know your own physical condition, pre-existing joints and knee ailments and choose your ergonomic desk chairs carefully. Whenever in doubt check out with your physician before you purchase that ergonomic kneeling chair.

Source by Yoshiko Choy