Famous Stadiums With the Largest Capacities


Different countries have different sports as their national game. Some sports, like tennis and soccer, have gained major global exposure and fan-following while some, like hockey and basketball, are still limited to specific areas. For instance, in the United States, baseball is one of the most favorite sports, but it is not very popular in other parts of the world. Many amateur players practicing with a baseball pitching machine and softball pitching machines aspire to be star sportsmen in the national teams of their countries.

Being a famous renowned sportsman is a dream come true. People literally worship their sports heroes. And why not, after all, these players put their sweat and blood into the game for the honor and pride of their whole nation. They take their selves to the extreme to give their audiences and fan some moments of sheer joy. Yet, they are not the only ones to make history, nor are we the only ones to witness it. The stadium where a memorable match is played becomes the holy land for the players and fans alike. The stadiums are of great importance. There are many stadiums around the world, ranging from the most historic ones and all the way to the most modern ones. Let us take a look at the stadiums which have the largest seating capacities in the world.

Rungrado May Day Stadium:

Among the non-auto stadiums, Rungardo May Day stadium of North Korea has the biggest capacity in the world. It can accommodate 150,000 people at a time. Built in 1985, the stadium is very aesthetically appealing as it appears like a magnolia blossom over Rungardo Waters. It has eight stories and a floor area of 207,000 square meters.

Estadio Azteca:

Estadio in Mexico City is the only stadium with the privilege of hosting two World Cup Finals. The stadium itself is a wonderful feat of architecture which pays tribute to the ancient Aztec civilization. It can accommodate 114,465 people. This is the stadium where Diego Maradona scored the ‘Goal of the century’.

Camp Nou

L’Estadi Camp Nou is the third largest stadium with a capacity of 98, 934 people. It is also known as FC Barcelona stadium as it is the home for that club. It was built in 1957and hosted a multiple of sports event including some world cup matches.


Estádio Jornalista Mário Filho, nicknamed as Maracana, is a Rio de Janeiro stadium that hosted the 1950 World Cup. The stadium has around 87,500 seating places, but almost 200,000 have claimed to witness the World Cup final of 1950 from this stadium. This is said to be the biggest number of live audience to witness a football event.

Stadio Giuseppe Meazza

Stadio Giuseppe Meazza in Milan is the fifth largest stadium with a capacity of 85,000 people. It is the home for AC Milan and FC Milano. The stadium was first built in 1925, and has gone under multiple renovations since then. The architecture of the stadium was very much praised for being too futuristic for its time.

Source by Connor R Sullivan