Feng Shui In Dining Room Arrangement



Furniture designers are paying much attention to make furniture not only practise but also comfortable and beautiful. Also new materials are being used to make furniture look modern. Very popular are unique custom handmade furniture. And as much important as having unique furniture is good arranging them, which might have a great impact on the standard of living, working and also on our mood.

Helpful in doing that might be one of elements of ancient Chinese philosophy of nature and art, Feng Shui.

It focuses on energy called chi. Chinese believes that this force also consider our personal energy. For a well-being chi must be encouraged to flow freely.

Nowadays, Feng Shui is widely known and used as a practise of placement and arrangement of space to achieve harmony. There are several tips written about arranging space in the office and at home (for example putting beds or dining tables in a right place). A few things to remember when arranging dining room:

There must be special paths for chi to flow freely. For example chi likes smooth rounded surfaces. Rounded edges, softened corners. Mirrors and glass surfaces are helpful as well cause they reflect an energy to other parts of the house. Following this advice, having a tables as a example, it is better to furnish home with oval glass tables, rounded glass dining tables, round coffee table rather than having it rectangular. Also having a wooden one is good.

When arranging the dining room ensure that dining chairs do not restrict doorways. There should be ample space for guests to walk around dining room tables without having to manoeuvre around any other piece of furniture or decoration that might also be in this room as coffee tables, console tables, chairs, vases, sofa tables. There should be an even number of dining chairs and remember to seat an honoured guest facing the doorway.

There are even advices to colors of furniture. A big mistake is having a red sofa set, as red is a color of fire. It is very powerful color for Feng Shui and in this sector it gives rise to heavy work pressure and troubles.

Some people criticize Feng Shui but for some taking its advices it brings a good mood and a great appetite while eating at their dining rooms.


Source by Ola Jones