Five Pieces of Furniture and Accessories For a Stunning Vintage-Style Kitchen


The kitchen is fast becoming the centre of any home. But just because it’s at the heart of a modern home, that doesn’t mean the kitchen has to look modern. If you’re not a fan of polished chrome and sanded granite, the chances are that you’ll prefer a vintage, homely feel. So read on for the five pieces that are guaranteed to give your kitchen that all-important retro feel.

It’s all down to consistency. The main aspects of your kitchen all need to give off a retro feel, so that your visitors can overlook the fact that you (by necessity) have a modern washing machine, blender and microwave.

So let’s start with the focal point of the room.

The Centrepiece – An Antique Table

The kitchen table is the focal point of any kitchen, large or small. It’s where guests will congregate, where food will be served and where budding cooks will spend most of their time. Without a table to dominate the space, a kitchen’s no more than a galley for a chef to stand in while they stir a pot.

A good antique or vintage tabs going to be wooden. Oak and pine are traditional, and restored Victorian furniture is widely available and affordable. So pick a restored table and build your theme around it.

The Chef – Vintage Cookery Clothing

The next most important thing in any kitchen is the cook. And when a vintage or retro-style apron or pinny is available for around 20 pounds on the internet, there’s really no reason not to buy one.

A retro apron will cover any modern outfit, ensuring that you don’t commit the horrendous faux pas of being incongruous in your own home…

The Tea Set – Fine Antique China

Crockery can make or break a theme – and nothing says tradition like a fine china tea set. So it’s worth investing in a china tea or coffee set, such as a 13 piece Ridgeway China Tea set and matching china crockery to real sell your kitchen’s image.

Remember not to skimp on quality, because a traditional tea in a vintage kitchen should be all about understated luxury.

The Seating – Vintage Wooden Chairs

The wood on your seating should match the wood of your table. So if you’ve invested in a heavy oak kitchen table, a Victorian oak smoking chair is exactly what you need to keep your theme coherent.

For smaller, lighter tables, why not try a ladder back chair?

The Talking Point – An Antique Conversation Piece

The final thing to tie your room together is a conversation piece. There are dozens of jugs, vases and other eye-catching pieces and valuables from antiques dealers available online, so take the time to look around and choose something that suits your room.

For more stunning examples of restored vintage furniture, use the search engines to find any of the pieces mentioned above, such as a 15 piece Royal Stafford China Coffee set or Garland Cake Stand. You won’t be disappointed if you do!

Source by Andrew Nattan