French Party Ideas – 7 Fun Ideas For Your French Theme Party


Throwing a French theme party is one of those rare occasions you get to poke fun at some of the many French stereotypes while drinking wine and eating fine food. For some French party ideas, take a look at the list below.

1. Send your invitations out on the back of mini French flags. Failing that you could send them out on cut outs of other emblems of France such as the Eiffell Tower, a clove of garlic or a cut out of a beret.

2. For the costumes, the men could go a few days without shaving to create the rugged look. Wear a black and white horizontal striped pullover, French beret, onion necklace and sometimes a moustache.

3. The ladies could quite comically dress in exactly the same way. Other alternatives could possibly be to dress as Marie Antoinette or as a French maid.

4. Think about trying to make your French party venue look like a typical French cafe, if you have seen the film Amelie then you will know what I mean. This should be an opportunity for talking to your friends so get in plenty of wooden tables and chairs.

5. You could also decorate the room with small and large French flags.

6. Play French cafe music to give the atmosphere of being in a real French cafe.

7. Consider hiring a real French chef to make excellent food and sometimes give a talk on French cheese or wine. This of course will be budget dependent.

Source by DC Jackson