Have a Warm, Welcoming and Comfortable Custom Home Built


Creating memories and sharing a life with those most important is what home design is all about now. An inviting home is the latest custom home trend and there are many builders that are catching on and offering all the latest and greatest features to do just that.

Trends and Selections

Trends are ever-changing, there’s no denying that. What home buyers are looking for today combine both indoor and outdoor spaces to give the most entertaining domicile possible. Those employing builders for the latest custom home trends are looking for many things.

One of the biggest trends is outside! The outdoors includes entries, backyards and even courtyards. Builders say a courtyard or entrance can create a feeling of calm even before one steps inside. Yards feature outdoor fireplaces, cozy seats and calming water features like fountains and waterfalls. These areas can and do make an instant impression.

Outdoor entertainment is the sole purpose for the backyard. This includes resort-like pools, and things like outdoor kitchens and theaters. Kitchens include more than just a grill. Future homeowners want counter space, sinks and refrigerators. Basically, there should be everything one needs right outside with no need to go indoors for a single thing.

Indoor Elements

Whenever the weather doesn’t permit for outdoor fun, there are plenty of things indoors to entertain. Game rooms, home theaters, play rooms, and more are sought after according to latest custom home trends.

Game rooms may have billiards, football, video games and the like. Theaters have stadium style seating and popcorn machines coupled with a huge movie screen and all the best equipment for a complete experience.


Kitchens are changing much but still keeping some of the same trends seen in the past. For example, stainless appliances are still the best sellers but are very high tech. Many refrigerators have cameras affixed to the interior allowing owners to see inside the fridge before opening it and wasting energy searching. Plus, they are all programmable and very smart in that they can sense what food is inside and decide how long it should be heated for.

On the other hand, many kitchens are featuring fireplaces and brick ovens which bring an old world style warmth. In fact, fireplaces spread from outdoors, to the kitchen and even into the bathroom!

The Master Bath Escape

A master bath is now an escape that’s all about the owner. They are equipped with spa-like amenities such as soaking tubs, negative-edge bathtubs, rain shower heads, whirlpool tubs and more. Showers are also very oversized and feature smart settings such as steam to make an instant sauna.

Think luxury when designing a master bath. It’s “just” for the homeowner and is a sanctuary from the rest of the home.

Yoga and Meditation

With interest in holistic healing, many future homeowners are turning to the latest custom home trend of building a yoga or mediation studio of sorts where they can leave their cares behind and reconnect with simpler things. Instead of having a bedroom that sits vacant for guests, these rooms are made that feature elements of balance and things like piped nature sounds and candles.

Other common elements are large comfortable chairs, a library of healing books, massage tables and even an indoor Jacuzzi or water feature in some cases. This gives the homeowner a quiet place to unwind.

These are just some of the current trends in custom homes to consider if making the decision to build a home that suits the family and will hold plenty of value in the coming years.

Source by Mike Blake