How to Choose the Best Ergonomic Chair For Office Use


There are many kinds of ergonomic chairs on the market today and finding the best ergonomic office chair for your needs may seem a daunting task. There are so many different choices and features to choose from and you may be wondering what features do you actually need for your chair.

Whether you work from home in your own office or are a part of another company, the very best ergonomic chair for office use is one that you can sit in for hours at a time and not feel any type of discomfort. The following four steps will help you to choose the chair that suits you.

1. Consider Who Will Be Using the Chair

Remember that not everyone will feel the same comfort level from one single chair, making it imperative to look for the most useful adjustable features. The best ergonomic office chair is one that easily adjusts to not only body type, but to individual preference as well.

2. Is the Chair Adjustable?

Most all types of office chairs will be height adjustable, but check to see that the seat cushion area also allows for tilt adjustments, a useful feature usually exclusive to ergonomic office chairs. What about the back cushion? You may want to choose a chair that allows the back cushion to be moved into different positions by adjusting the tilt for maximum comfort.

Considering that you most probably will not be sitting in your office chair in one position all the time, it is important to look at the chair’s arms and whether or not they can be moved. Having an office chair with adjustable arms allows you to alter both the height and the tilt position of the armrests so that you can sit comfortably in a variety of positions, and also move the chair away from the desk.

3. Price of the Chair

The amount you want to spend is, of course, a matter of personal preference, keeping in mind that ergonomic office chairs may cost from one hundred dollars to as much as a thousand or more. Just make sure to not make the rather common mistake of skimping on price and choosing a chair simply because of the lower price tag.

Purchasing a high quality ergonomic office chair is far more important than basing your decision solely on price as you will find that the cheaper brands will actually end up costing you more money over time by replacing the chair and losing comfort and productivity as a result.

4. Check Out the Features

All ergonomic office chairs are not built or designed in the same manner, and they also vary greatly in price and size. Be sure to read the measurements of the cushions on every chair you consider, both on the back and seat, to ensure you will be comfortable sitting in the chair, especially for long periods of time.

Source by Jenny Watson