How to Find the Perfect Dining Chairs



Dining chairs are essential for any dining room. After all, when it comes to enjoying any good meal, a good chair makes all the difference. You can find dining chairs at practically any price level-there are chairs that are unbelievably expensive and high end and then there are chairs that barely make a dent in your pocketbook. These are usually garage sale finds or bargain outlet discounts.

When it comes to finding the perfect chairs for your dining space, it all boils down to style and comfort. One of the most important things you should begin with when deciding what sort of dining chairs to buy is how to combine a good, comfortable chair that doesn’t give you a backache, with something that is chic and fashionable. Of course, you’ll have a range of picks, spanning in shapes, sizes and styles; your chairs should be inviting, and beckon your guests to sit back and relax.

Your classic dining chair is usually a wood affair with an upholstered back. The mid-Georgian-style mahogany dining chair, with hand carved detail and fitted loose seat, is an example of this traditional style, offering both elegance and comfort when sharing a meal with good friends. Another way to go is a steel chair like the Robert Mallet Stevens iconic steel chair of 1928. This chair is extremely streamlined and sleek; it screams simple luxury. You can usually find brushed and polished finishes; powder coated chairs in a range of colors are also available. Of course, if you do opt for a designer chair, the price tag will run a tad higher than something you’d find at Ikea. Metal chairs go well with glass or metal dining tables and they also complement the Bauhaus style. Other designer chairs worth a look include the boxy square chair by BDDW, the solid Deer chair by Autobahn, or the lower end, but fun Olle Ikea chair.

For those looking for something a little more low key, there’s always estate sales and yard sales. These are great places to find hidden treasures. Do some searching and you can find some classic fixeruppers. Many chairs can be sanded and painted over; you can add slips or reupholster the seat covers. Additionally, you could add throw pillows for a more cozy, comfortable look. Consider painting a set of similar chairs different colors for a more compelling look. Try sticking to primary colors for a Mondrian-inspired look; or if you prefer one color, try gradations, paint the chairs different shades to achieve a Pantone-ish gradient. Or, if you’ve found an assortment of mismatched chairs, paint them one uniform color to give the dining room a unified look; each chair retains its distinctive shape and personality, adding depth to the room. For an assortment of mix matched chairs, such as low lying stools, high back chairs etc, stick to a close range of shades. The hodge podge already makes your chairs stand out, so you want to keep things together by choosing one shade, for example, dark walnut or light blonde.

Remember that before buying anything, you have to consider your lifestyle and tastes. If you have children for instance, you might want to lay off the designer styles and do some bargain hunting. If you like throwing lavish dinner parties for friends and associates, seek to impress.


Source by Bill William