Instant Freedom From Phobias Using NLP’s Fast Phobia Cure Technology


“Most of the things that are valuable to us in life require us to go against the basic conditioning of our nervous systems… in many cases we are required to transform our fears into power” – Tony Robbins

NLP’s fast phobia cure is the antidote to any and all kinds of phobias – from little nagging ones to giant ones that can seriously impede normal life. The Fast phobia cure can be used for phobias relating to driving, public speaking, insects, social interactions and closed spaces etc. The good thing about NLP’s fast phobia cure is that its effects are lightening quick, highly effective and very simple. There are many different variations to NLP’s Fast Phobia cure and the most famous of all is the “Magic Cinema” method.

Unlike traditional methods of phobia cure, NLP’s fast phobia cure uses manipulation of the NLP submodalities in conjunction with image modification – the net result is a super fast and very powerful phobia busting tactic.

NLP’s fast phobia cure is absolutely ideal for phobias that are triggered by a something in the outside world – for example the sight of a spider, needles or closed spaces. Additionally, the fast phobia cure also does the job of removing any unwanted memories of unpleasant past experiences.

Here is how to use NLP’s fast phobia cure on yourself or on anyone else:

  • Imagine being in a cinema in which you are all alone. You are in front of a huge screen and behind you there is a projector where the film can be changed (which resultantly changes the projected image on the screen).
  • In your hand there is a controller that you can use to play any movie, stop it, fast forward it, rewind it and pause it whenever you want. You can also use the controller to turn up or turn down the volume and change the color and size of the image being projected on the screen.
  • It’s important to tell yourself (or the phobic who you are tying to help) that you are one hundred percent safe in the cinema and you are free to view any part of your life without needing to be scared, shy or guilty.
  • Next, imagine yourself floating out of your body and towards the projector in the back. From there you should now be able to see yourself sitting in the middle of the cinema amongst all the empty chairs and you should also have a clear view of the huge cinema screen in front.
  • The next step is to imagine yourself using the remote control to play a movie on the screen. This movie will be of a time when the phobia is in full effect. It would ideally start of from a time just before the phobia is triggered and then move through the phobic experience and to a point just after the experience is over.
  • If you feel scared at any point then simply stop there and start all over again from the beginning. This time try to go beyond the point at which you stopped the first time. The goal is to go further and further into the experience without feeling scared.
  • Once you have watched the entire film, the next step is to rewind the movie and watch it at normal speed, then at a faster speed, and then an even faster speed. Once you are comfortable with watching the film at super high speeds, the next step would be to watch the film backwards a few times. Next, watch the film forwards again but this time around try adding comical voices to the people in the film. Then imagine the film with a funny soundtrack, then with clowns and circus elephants. While you are doing this imagine the film becoming smaller and smaller until it is the size of a postage stamp.

Finally open your eyes and test the results by thinking of a phobia-inducing situation – a situation that would normally scare you. If done correctly, you will experience a very different reaction to your phobic situations.

Source by Charles Bender