Looking For a Nice Bistro Table Set For Your Dining Room?



Bistros are incarnated from the Parisian times and resemblance a modest setting restaurant which serves average priced simple food products. Many bistros are defined by the meals they serve. They were followed by setting up chairs in the courtyard accommodated by a kitchen. This used to provide the tenants of the Parisian apartment tenants with the ability to earn at their homes. The furniture which was used in these restaurants became famous as bistro table set which used to include a stylish table surrounded by chairs (mostly two, but more could be added).

The furniture manufacturers now have developed these bistro set so that they can be used for home decorations and are compatible with house furnishings or can be used as lawn furniture. This article provides information on several bistro table set. The information is given on a single table accommodated by two chairs. However, the buyer can buy more chairs according to his / her desire. One of the bistro table set is the Lisbon Bistro Set. It is constructed with a stylish ice cream parlor look and elegantly curved chair legs. The frame of the set is made of wrought iron and is powder-coated. The chairs backs are accented with attractive scrolls. They can be used indoors as well as outdoor and can be easily cleaned and maintained. The chair dimensions are 34.5 X 18 X 22 inches and the tables dimensions are 29 X 29 X 29 inches. The chairs are relaxing and let the user enjoy good food and conversation.

Another bistro set is Palazetto Tivoli Bistro set. The table top is made of marble mosaic and hand-laid slate. The chair and table is provided a powder coated black colored finish which can last for long. The tiles are laid with best industry adhesive. The durability of the furniture is increased a lot through wrought iron construction. An additional umbrella can be bought to complete its look. The dimensions of the table are 30 X 30 X 29 inches and that of the chair are 19 X 22.5 X 40.25 inches. The chairs are proportioned generously, are comfortable and supportive slat backs which are made of Italian finish to give it a classic bistro look.

Toulon Wicker Bistro Chat Set is another bistro set. This set contains an ottoman which is available with a glass top and cushion. This serves dual purpose of sitting and table. It also comes with two wicker chairs and cushions. The user can choose the color of the cushion and the wicker is all weather resistant. The frame is made of aluminum and is rust resistant. It can be perfectly used on any patio or balcony. It can be maintained easily as it can be cleaned by simple hosing off. The dimensions of the ottoman are 25.5 X 25.5 X 14.5 inches and that of the chair are 26 X 28 X 29 inches. Another bistro table set is the Butterfly Bistro Set which comes in a beautiful butterfly design and comes with the standard weather and rust resistant furnishings. It also has a one inch hole which can be used to put umbrellas for sunny outings.


Source by Hyashi Machida