Make Color Coordinated Seating Sections Using Auditorium Chairs


When you have a large area that you are going to use for performers and shows you are likely going to want to have different sections that cost different amounts of money. The ticket prices for the sets that are directly in front of the stage will naturally be higher than the prices for seats that are far to the back from the stage.

One problem that many commercial venues have is people paying to sit in the cheap seats and then moving into the more expensive section after the show begins. An easy way to stop this from having is to have colored auditorium chairs in each section. Then supply the person with a colored stamp on their hand that matches the section they are seated in.

You could place red auditorium chairs directly in front of the stage. When the ticket taker at the entrance to the establishment sells seats in the red section they will stamp the hand of the ticket holders with a red star. Then when the people have left their seat and are returning any of the ushers in the building will be able to easily check the people and see what seats they are supposed to be in.

You can buy auditorium chairs in several different colors so you could break the area up into multiple sections according to how well the people in the chairs are going to be able to see the stage. Then you can charge ticket prices accordingly.

If you did not want to stamp the hand of your patrons you could get plastic wrist bands that were color coordinated to the seats. The wrist bands would be easy for the ushers to check when people were going to and from their seats.

The colored wrist bands would also help avoid confusion. People would know that the chairs they were sitting in were the same color as the bands on their wrists. They could easily find their way back to their seats using these color coded section indicators.

Many sporting arenas have switched from the bleachers to the using of auditorium chairs. The color coding for the sections helps the fans quickly find where they are supposed to be seated. If you have ever been to a large stadium and went to the concession stand then you know how easily you can get turned around and lost. If your seats were in a color coded section then that would not happen.

Having the color coded chairs and wrist bands would also help when a child was lost in an auditorium or a stadium. The announcer could tell the parents what section the child was supposed to be seated in. The people that work as ushers could also take the child to the right section even if the child could not tell them where they were seated. The colored wrist band would alert them to where the parents were sitting. The child could be returned quickly and the day saved.

Source by Ador Talukdar