Metal Wine Racks – Useful Advice for Wine Collectors


Wine storage racks are becoming increasingly popular piece of furniture. Though wooden wine racks are dominating the market in terms of quantity, metal wine racks are dominating the market in terms of quality. As wood wine racks can easily fit almost any furniture style, metal wine rack have to be of superior design to fit existing furniture of the room. Usually that room will be the kitchen, dining room rarely living room.

It is not easy to match wooden furniture with metal wine rack in a way those two pieces would harmonize perfectly in a given situation. That is why many people tend to choose a decorative metal wine rack for kitchen and do not dare to think of a true size free standing metal wine rack for dining room or even for living room. Decorative metal wine racks are mostly made of high polish shiny materials, which by default match the style of many kitchen appliances. So it is hard to go wrong with that kind of metal wine storage rack, but than again that wine rack will not be anything special, just another piece of furniture in the kitchen. Genuine wine collectors and all those who feel they own a special kind of wine that should be displayed accordingly, will not get lured by those shiny decorative metal wine racks. They will think more of owning a free standing metal wine rack and reserve a special place for it in dining room or even in living room. Wine connoisseurs will want to present their wine in all the flair and they will put their wine rack in places where people spend most of the time. Making that piece of furniture a great discussion point.

It is worth considering other designs and styles among variety of different metal wine rack. Shiny stainless steel counter top wine racks are meant as a complementary piece of kitchen furniture, where free standing patina surface iron wine racks make a luxury statement wherever you decide to put them, as long you provided sufficient place for that kind of excellent furniture. Yes there is a universe of metal wine racks styles you can choose from. Black iron wine rack, in classical Rome style, will surely keep its value for decades. And many wine collectors are surprised how old European wine rack designs perfectly fit the style of modern furniture. And there are also silver frost surface metal wine racks, which will match any colorful trendy furniture. Only mistake a wine collector should not make is to order a metal wine rack painted with warm colors like red, yellow or beige. Genuine metal wine racks will make their best impression if presented in their natural color or in colors of artificially oxidized patina surface.

There is really not much one should add to a metal wine rack in terms of colors. Highest value of metal wine rack lies in its ability to keep its beauty for centuries, and not becoming a victim of daily trends. The other unmatchable advantage of metal wine storage racks is they put your wine bottles in the center of attention while the design and style of the rack itself decently support the beauty of your wine collection.

Source by Melanie Hudson