Natural Health – Repairing Shattered Energy


Forgive me football fans…This past Sunday I went to the opening game of the Eagles here in Philadelphia (I’m still singing “Fly Eagles Fly” in my head), and it literally blew me away. I thought I knew what I was getting into because I see the games on TV once in awhile.

It always looks like everyone’s having fun, cheering and all. I’m not really a football fan but I went because I thought it would be a great experience and something very different for me. Little did I know I would be watching the game with my fingers in my ears and my head between my knees (thank goodness for my yoga practice!).

The opening ceremonies touched my heart with the American flag being spread out across the field during the National Anthem – that was really nice. But when the four fighter jets ceremonially flew overhead at lightening speed, I had a “Hit the Deck!” reaction and in nanoseconds created an energetic foxhole and dived right in (my Healing Science training). Unfortunately it wasn’t effective. The sound explosion got me! I felt completely blown apart (and then all I could think of was our guys and gals in the military who experience this for real, and feeling tremendously compassionate and gratefulness to them).

At first I thought it was just me, but when the big burly footbally guys with green bald heads sitting in front of me started to freak out, I knew that this was no small thing. If these guys were startled, stunned, and shattered (and they had tough, dense, energy fields) well then my experience of my (higher frequency) energy system feeling blown apart was not far fetched.

And that wasn’t the only shattering experience! There were fireworks galore at the end of the opening ceremony, and we were sitting right near where they were being set off. Then, every time there was a touchdown – and the Eagles scored big that day (woo-hoo Philly!) – they would shoot off a fireworks display! Well, I don’t do fireworks. Never did. Fireworks are actually painful to me.

After the opening and about 2 touchdowns (which was probably already about $100,000 – $200,000 worth of “entertainment” in fireworks and fighter jets) I had my little routine down. Every time the fireworks would go off I would hold my ears until my forefingers met in the middle of my brain, scream at the top of my lungs (which just blended in with all the other screams), and as everyone jumped up to cheer, I did the opposite.

I slid back in my stadium chair until my head was on my seat and my legs and feet flailing up next to everyone’s arms and hands – it was funny how no one noticed except for my family members. My brother and sister-in-law who took me, didn’t know whether to laugh hysterically or profusely apologize. We all ended up laughing until we just about pee-d ourselves.

But when I went home I could tell, my energy field was shattered. I was exhausted, leaking energy, and felt very “out of sorts”. Why am I telling you this? Because there are many things that “shatter” our energy fields and so often people don’t have a clue. They know they don’t feel right, or they are tired or dizzy or suddenly hypersensitive to things, but they don’t know why. Actually most people don’t even know about their energy field let alone think about how to care for it. Caring for our energy field is one of the most important self-care approaches we can take. Let me explain what this “shattered energy” is about, and this is a quick advanced lesson in Energy Medicine:

We have structured levels as part of our energy field – like a template – and these can shatter or get jolted upon certain events or encounters. The structured levels are structures on which the physical body subsists, so there is a direct connection to the body and reasons why someone would feel so funky when the energy is shattered.

Here are some things that can shatter your energy:

–emotional upset

–being involved or near an accident

–experiencing or witnessing severe pain

–loud arguments with people

–common loud noises – like motorcycles and cars on the road that are obnoxiously loud

One of the best things that you can do to repair a shattered energy field is to have a session in energy work – such as Healing Touch, Reiki, Brennan work or even acupuncture. Massage would even be helpful. Not every one is going to have that access right away – and the sooner you can get to a treatment after the shattering event, the better! But one thing that can you can do at home to help repair shattered energy is using the essential oils (therapeutic grade of course – definitely not perfume grade). If you run an essential oil (like White Angelica or Valor) in your field, you can assist the structured levels of the field to naturally repair.

Many “energetic sensitives” like me have to be very careful about where we go and what we expose ourselves to – and we need to know how to shield, protect and repair the field (all can be done with running some eo’s through your field).

What did I do the night I got home after the Eagles game to repair my field?

–did a body scrub (that’s for an upcoming issue)

–took a lavender bath (that’s another good way to

get essential oils to repair our field)

–ran Valor through my energy field (see video below)

–laid down on the bed, relaxed, and meditated

. . .and I skipped the sports report on the news that night!

Source by Marilee Tolen