Office Furniture Essentials


Getting the right furniture for your office at the right price is an important challenge for you and your office manager. Furnishings for your office contribute significantly to the workplace atmosphere generated for your employees and visiting clients – vital if you want to create a good impression and foster good working practices.

The right office furnishings are also essential to meet health and safety standards and for creating a workspace that has a good sense of flow and order to it. The category of “office furnishings” can cover everything from chairs and desks to cupboards and filing cabinets. Office furniture also encompasses those all important areas of reception and conference or meeting rooms – your most vital spaces when it comes to creating a good impression for your clients and associates.

If your workplace is of any considerable size, then you will also have a café, bistro or rest room for employees. In a space such as this, you are looking for a well-priced, comfortable range of furniture that compliments the rest of your office design, while also standing slightly apart from it in look and feel. Office managers, company directors and anyone else interested in looking for great quality, well-priced office furniture will be pleased to know that ABT offers an excellent selection available to view and buy online.

The essential piece of office furniture – and often the hardest to get right – is the office chair. ABT offer 44 different types of office chair – from the luxury ergonomic range of the spectrum down to a simple, value-for-money, folding chair for occasional use in conferences and meetings.

The glider chair is stocked in range of colours – with many other fabric colours available to order – and represents a stylish, portable, folding solution to your seating needs. All glider chairs come with light, silver legs and are fitted on wheels. They can be folded neatly together when not in use and have been designed to come with or without arms, depending on your preference.

Ergonomic chairs are ideal for your employees’ workstations, providing lumbar support to varying degrees, depending on the design of the chair, and coming with a range of physical requirements in mind. When you are sitting at your desk all day, it is essential to have good posture support from your chair. ABT offer a range of chairs with this facility, including the Medium Back PCB Chair, with adjustable height and back tile, a five-wheeled base and available with or without arms. The High Back PCB Chair offers extended lumbar support and both chairs come in a selection of stocked fabrics, with a wider selection of colours available to order from ABT.

Executive chairs are, of course, the ultimate in office luxury and the Aegean Leather Chair from ABT is a fine example of this. A high level of design thought has gone into the chair, making it the ultimate in executive comfort. It has a low, waterfall-style seat, meaning no unnecessary pressure is applied to the underside of the leg, which can restrict blood flow. The shaped backrest is fully adjustable and the chair also comes with a seat slide – for different thigh lengths – a gas pump capable of bearing up to 25 stone in weight and a lumbar pump.

Office desks serve a range of functions in your workplace and ABT offer a full range of solutions for all your desk needs at great prices. Whether you need a computer desk, a writing desk, desks for a meeting room, executive desks, or a range of desks that slot together for an open-plan office environment that flows, there is something to suit at the right price.

Bench-desking is a great option when you need to seat banks of your employees closely together, while still giving each person their own space and offering a modern design solution. Bench-desks enable you to seat people in rows, facing each other, which is great for easy communication across the office space. The bench desks available from ABT all have wire-managed legs and troughs for easy workstation set-up, as well as desk screens and ten colour options. The bench-desking range also complies with European standards.

The Adapta Radial desk range from ABT follows the latest and most stylish trends for office layout and design, seating up to four people around an ergonomically-designed cross shape. This layout is great for open-plan working, while also giving each individual a clearly-defined and private work space. Screens are available in this range and the desks themselves come in eight modern colour options.

The Adapta Boardroom range from ABT is a flexible desk range for meetings and conferences. The range comes in three shapes – square, rectangular and circular – and eight different colour finishes and will give a contemporary design feel to your boardroom or meeting room space. Good storage is essential for a well-maintained and organized workplace. ABT offer many different storage solutions and ranges to suit every office need, designed to help your employees with their day-to-day work and helping to maintain a pleasant office environment.

Traditional filing cabinets are still an important part of the office space and help us to keep a range of documents securely filed and organized while remaining easily accessible. ABT’s metal filing cabinets are sleek, modern and conform to the required health and safety standards. They are available in three stylish colours – goose grey, black and coffee & cream – and come with a two, three or four-drawer option.

The Aqua Storage range from ABT is the perfect storage option for a modern office, as it is well-designed in a contemporary finish. Full-door and half-door cupboards are available in this range, with different open-shelf options and the cupboards are made from textured aluminum, with doors available in a textured aluminum, pear, or maple finish. The cupboards are designed with modern A4 filing in mind and shelving is available separately, so you can really customize each cupboard for your individual storage needs.

Do you have a large amount of sensitive or important material that requires mass, on-site storage? Take a look at the InnerSpace high-density storage system, available from ABT. This system makes the best possible use of your storage floor space, comes made to your specification and has been designed to be easy to order and install. Options are available on the height, bay width and shelf depth of your InnerSpace system and you can even move the system if you need to, as it has been designed to require no fixing to floors or walls, despite the amount of material it is capable of holding.

Are you looking for bistro tables and chairs? If you have a café or informal rest area for your staff, ABT offer a chic, modern range of furnishings to suit all budgets and requirements. Creating a dedicated area for your employees to meet informally, eat lunch or take a relaxing break will encourage them to feel valued by their employer and make their downtime more relaxing, which will, in turn, lead to greater productivity in the workplace.

ABT offer stylish rectangular, laminate bistro tables, available in cream, white and beech, and fitted with sleek chrome legs. These tables will create a modern classic feel in any bistro area and their size is perfect for several staff to share together at once, encouraging interaction among your employees. Small, round bistro tables are also available from ABT. These tables are available in striking black and white and are ideal for two people to sit at together. These bistro tables will help to create an informal, coffee-shop feel to a space and are also a good location for informal one-to-one work meetings and catch-ups.

Three great bistro seating options are available from ABT at value-for-money prices. For versatility with style, stackable chairs can be moved and stored easily to create more space when required. These chairs are constructed of polyfibre with chrome legs and can be ordered in a cream, burgundy or blue finish.

The wooden bistro seat from ABT comes in a beech finish with chrome legs and is a stylish, more robust and permanent seating solution for your bistro area. Finally, the Pear bistro chair has an ergonomic pear-shape and offers comfort while also having a contemporary look. The chair seat and back is made of polyfibre, with chrome legs and the Pear is available from ABT in the striking colour options of yellow, red, blue, black and green. Your reception furniture serves an essential function – creating the first impression of your workplace to potential and current clients. ABT can offer a range of reception furniture to cater to your individual needs with a selection of designs and finishes.

The Craft Reception Counter is a beautiful, curved reception desk with a solid appearance made of individually cut wood – with a choice of light oak or steamed beech. The Xec Reception Counter offers a long, rounded salon reception design and is available to your bespoke requirements with a vast range of wood glass and metal finishes available.

The Contract Reception Counter is great for smaller, less formal reception areas, with great storage options available within the counter design. Curved and rectangular floor-standing units are available and the counter is fitted with handy cable management ports and a silver kick-strip along its base. The Contract Reception Counter comes in beech, oak and pear finishing options.

ABT also offers a range of seating for your clients and guests, including the Arch seating range, which can be ordered in leather and mock leather and is available as a chair, double sofa or triple sofa. Other seating options available from ABT include tub chairs in a range of fabrics, the modern Serpent range of seating with matching coffee table – also available in a range of fabrics – and a traditional, wood-framed seating range, as a chair or armchair, with matching table available.

Looking for conference furniture? The right conference furniture can create a great impression of your business among your workforce, as well as impressing all-important current and future clients. A range of conference furniture is available from ABT to suit the individual requirements of your business and the range also represents great value for money.

ABT offers a choice of nine different collections of conference furniture. The Zaz! range features a system of impressive, interlocking glass-top tables, with a choice of blue or white glass finishes – the white and blue can look great together to create contrast when interlocking the table system. The Zaz! range also comes with a laminate veneer of cherry, grey, maple or blue for those looking for a different design option.

The director range is both classic and very modern and has a real luxury design feel to it. The tables are available in a range of well-designed shapes and feature a wood veneer with solid wood edging – the veneer is available in cherry, beech or wenga.

The Craft range is manufactured in the UK and has a large number of options, including a wide selection of table shapes and sizes and even a cupboard featuring an 800-watt fridge – to keep conference refreshments cool. The Craft range is a great option for furnishing large, functional conference spaces while still maintaining a modern, corporate look in any space.

Other conference furniture ranges available from ABT include the Aqua range – a boardroom-style table with different options – and the S Series, which is a great option for smaller conference and meeting rooms. ABT also offers a range of more functional conference room furniture for those on a budget, as well as a range that is well suited to any rooms used for training purposes.

Source by Mike Davis