History of Turner Field

Hometown fans and visitors to Atlanta enjoy taking in a Braves baseball game at Turner Field in downtown Atlanta. But the National League ball club is not the only draw. The home of the Braves is an attraction in its own right. The Atlanta landmark has the look of an older ball park, but is equipped with state of the art technology and conveniences.

The Braves had previously played in Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium since 1966. By the mid 1990s the team wanted a newer, more modern stadium, and Atlanta needed a stadium that would be suitable as an Olympic venue for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. The team and the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games combined their efforts to build a new facility across the street from the old stadium. The new Centennial Olympic Stadium, built with private financing for the Olympics, was designed to host the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and the Olympic Track and Field Events. It had some temporary bleachers at one end that were taken down after the Olympics were over. The new stadium was then completed for the Braves. Turner Field opened on March 29, 1997. The old Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium was torn down, and the site is now the parking lot for Turner Field.

Guided tours of the stadium are offered year round and begin at the Braves Museum. Tours take approximately one hour and feature visits to the broadcast booth, the club house, the dugouts, the press box, and the Braves Hall of Fame. Turner Field seats 49,000 fans on three levels. The upper level seats have a view of the Atlanta skyline. The outer plaza, called Monument Grove, contains statues of baseball greats Hank Aaron, Phil Neikro, and Ty Cobb. The Chop House Restaurant is located in the main entry plaza. The Coke Skyfield, on the upper level overlooking left field, has games for kids and a mister area for fans to cool off on hot days at the ballpark. The Club House Store features a wide variety of official Atlanta Braves merchandise.

Fans can keep track of the action from the more than 500 television monitors throughout Turner Field. The giant Braves Vision video board is located in center field, and the Plaza Vision board is in Fan Plaza. In addition to showing Braves action, these video boards also show the latest scores from around the league.

Turner Field was named after Ted Turner, who was the Braves owner at the time the stadium was built. The street in front of the stadium was renamed Hank Aaron Drive to honor the Braves great home run hitter. The street number of the stadium is #755, which was the number of home runs that Aaron hit in his career. Turner Field was the site of the 2000 MLB All Star Game. When visiting Atlanta, take in a Braves baseball game at Turner Field. Even if the Braves are not in town, visitors can still enjoy a tour of one of baseball’s best ballparks.

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Best Living Room Furniture Sets | Top 10 Best Living Room Furniture Sets


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Best Living Room Furniture Sets | Top 10 Best Living Room Furniture Sets 1. 2 Piece Modern Black Bonded Leather Sofa and Love Seat Set …


Contemporary Living Room Furniture

Contemporary living room furniture has become really popular due to its streamlined effect and it is one of the reasons why it is used so widely throughout the world. Everyone wants their living room to look the best it can be. The living room in any home is the focal point of the family and friends and if you entertain it is very important that things look.

Contemporary furniture has some different qualities such as modular furniture, abstract lighting, pedestal tables, sleek sideboards and so much more. You will find that most of the color schemes are monochromatic that are deliberately understated, modular elements that are integrated so as to have use of multiple uses and curvilinear shapes. Contemporary often uses colors of gray and black but you can add a dash of luster color you can make use of colored cushions or leather colored stools of various shapes. Other items that can be used to fill up empty spaces are accent chairs, end tables and wicker coffee tables.

Everyone has to have an entertainment center and this can be easily accomplished with contemporary furniture. You will find many units on today’s market that have a futuristic look that will blend in with what you need. You will find units on the market that comes in clear or frosted glass doors that would fit perfectly and they also are equipped with things that will hide those ugly wires that hang down inside your stereo and CD player.

If your looking for elegance and sophistication for your living room then contemporary is the way to go when you furnish your living room. It will give you a room you will be proud to show of to your friends when you entertain. It holds a clean sleek look that certainly screams modern.

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Tips to Choose Carpet Chair Mats

Many people spend their productive time in the office. To increase the efficiency of the organization, create a good environment. Office chairs are widely used in commercial spaces to smooth the work process. The office chair should be ergonomic and comfortable. Chair mats are used on the surface of the office floor to facilitate the movement of the chair.

Chair mats have many visible and non-visible benefits. So, while buying them, bear in mind a few points which help you in the long run.

The nature of the surface

Most of the flooring manufacturers extend their warranties only if the area is covered with carpets and mats. The office chair can damage the flooring due to its pressure. For a carpeted office area, choose a mat which sits easily on the carpet. The underneath projections of the mat should not damage the carpet.

Based on the thickness of the carpet, the surface is classified into different types, namely Low Pile, Standard Pile, Medium Pile, and Plush Pile.

  1. Low Pile carpet – Thickness up to 1/4″
  2. Standard Pile carpet – Thickness up to 3/8″
  3. Medium Pile carpet – Thickness up to 3/4″
  4. Plush Pile carpet – Thickness over 3/4″

The thickness of the mat should be proportional to the thickness of the carpet.

The size

The size of the chair mat depends on many things.

The dimensions of the desk should be taken into account. The length of the mat should match the length of the desk, which enable the user to access his/her desk. The size of the chair base also has its say in the selection of the mat. They are manufactured in standard sizes. The most commonly found sizes are 36″ x 48″, 45″ x 53″, 46″ x 60″.

Choose a chair mat with beveled edges which helps the user to a smooth transition.

The shape

Based on the office configuration, choose a chair mat. They come in different shapes.

  • Rectangular mats are normally used near Writing desks, U- Workstations, L- Workstations, Corner Workstations.
  • Lip mats fit perfectly for Desk & Credenza and U- Workstation configurations.
  • Contoured mats are apt for L- workstation configurations.
  • Square mats are ideal for all configurations.

Material & Ergonomics

The mat made of vinyl is transparent. Opaque chair mats are used to represent or mark some area. Patterned Vinyl mats are attractive. Besides vinyl mats, Jute mats are one of the widely used mats. To nullify the static potential, look for the one, which absorbs the static current and protect the electronic components.

To avoid Repetitive strain injuries and fatigue, the ergonomics of the chair mat is an important thing to be considered.


Don’t fall prey to the market forces. Go through the above-mentioned factors and arrive at a decision. Shopping online has numerous advantages over conventional shopping. It helps to sort a product by material, price, and color. Many shopping sites are offering high discounts on Chair mats for carpets. Shop on festive days and special days to get chair mats at best prices.

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Contemporary Office Furniture: All You Need To Know About It

Due to advances in technology, there is a wide range of modern office furniture that has been designed. Of all the furniture in the market, contemporary office furniture is the most used by many people. If you would like to know more about contemporary furniture, keep reading.


The furniture is characterized by geometric shapes that usually have clean cuts. Some of the common geometric shapes are rectangle, circle, and square. Since the furniture tends to have geometric shapes, it’s common to have office desks with square tops and cylindrical legs. It’s also common to have conference tables with oval tops. Chairs tend to have rectangular seats and backrests with pointed edges.

Contemporary furniture does not have ornaments at all. This is because the aesthetics come from the different forms and shapes of the furniture. The designers of the furniture tend to be inspired by shapes and not by additions found in other types of furniture. The different shapes that serve as ornamentals are usually influenced by nature; therefore, it’s common to have a workstation divider that has a wave style. It’s also common to have a reception chair with an apple shape.


The main materials used in making contemporary furniture are metal, glass, wood, and plastic. In most cases, the furniture items are made from a combination of two or more of these materials. For example, you will come across a light wood desk that has chrome legs.

A combination of wood and glass is often used in constructing tables and desks, while glass and metal combination is common in desks and tables.

Although, plastic is considered as a cheap material, there are more elegant plastic styles and designs that are coming up and it’s common to see elegant furniture made of plastic. The most used type of plastic is tough plastic. This plastic is used in making stools, chairs and tables that are usually used in the break room.


There are two main types of contemporary office furniture: freestanding and panel mounted. Freestanding furniture is characterized by dissever panels that are placed around the furniture. The panels are used in providing privacy. In some cases, the panels are installed with inner power supplies thus you can easily plug in your computer and other electronics in the furniture.

Panel Mounted furniture is the most used and it’s characterized by wall panels that play a vital role of supporting the system.

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An Introduction to Home Furniture

When it comes to furniture many people are clueless as to what they should have in their home that will provide them with their basic needs, without having to spend a lot of money. Here is an introduction to home furniture; every home owner should have at least a few of these products, as they will that will provide them with the basics that every home needs to make it feel complete.

Pick Out A Sofa Or A Chair.

The best thing about this guide to home furniture is that it allows you to pick the items that you need from any store or even from garage sales. Now the first thing that should be purchased is a comfortable sofa or a chair that will make you feel like you are in pillow heaven, since there is nothing better than coming home from work and relaxing on something that is soft to relieve muscle aches and pains.

Choose A Bed.

Next would be to choose a bed to sleep on. When it comes to choosing a bed one should always test it out before buying to see if it will suit the needs that you may have that won’t cause any back pain. There are a huge range of beds available, so have a look around to find one that suits your need. Some find that they are perfectly comfortable on a single bed, whilst others need queen or even king size beds – it is all a matter of personal preference.

Grab Yourself A Cheap Bookcase

A bookcase or bookshelf is certainly a necessity in your home – these days, many people have a huge range of books, so having a place to store them can be incredibly beneficial. It can clean up a lot of space! A cheap 4 shelf bookcase or barrister bookcase looks beautiful in any room, and will stay within your possession for years to come.

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