Many people spend their productive time in the office. To increase the efficiency of the organization, create a good environment. Office chairs are widely used in commercial spaces to smooth the work process. The office chair should be ergonomic and comfortable. Chair mats are used on the surface of the office floor to facilitate the movement of the chair.

Chair mats have many visible and non-visible benefits. So, while buying them, bear in mind a few points which help you in the long run.

The nature of the surface

Most of the flooring manufacturers extend their warranties only if the area is covered with carpets and mats. The office chair can damage the flooring due to its pressure. For a carpeted office area, choose a mat which sits easily on the carpet. The underneath projections of the mat should not damage the carpet.

Based on the thickness of the carpet, the surface is classified into different types, namely Low Pile, Standard Pile, Medium Pile, and Plush Pile.

  1. Low Pile carpet – Thickness up to 1/4″
  2. Standard Pile carpet – Thickness up to 3/8″
  3. Medium Pile carpet – Thickness up to 3/4″
  4. Plush Pile carpet – Thickness over 3/4″

The thickness of the mat should be proportional to the thickness of the carpet.

The size

The size of the chair mat depends on many things.

The dimensions of the desk should be taken into account. The length of the mat should match the length of the desk, which enable the user to access his/her desk. The size of the chair base also has its say in the selection of the mat. They are manufactured in standard sizes. The most commonly found sizes are 36″ x 48″, 45″ x 53″, 46″ x 60″.

Choose a chair mat with beveled edges which helps the user to a smooth transition.

The shape

Based on the office configuration, choose a chair mat. They come in different shapes.

  • Rectangular mats are normally used near Writing desks, U- Workstations, L- Workstations, Corner Workstations.
  • Lip mats fit perfectly for Desk & Credenza and U- Workstation configurations.
  • Contoured mats are apt for L- workstation configurations.
  • Square mats are ideal for all configurations.

Material & Ergonomics

The mat made of vinyl is transparent. Opaque chair mats are used to represent or mark some area. Patterned Vinyl mats are attractive. Besides vinyl mats, Jute mats are one of the widely used mats. To nullify the static potential, look for the one, which absorbs the static current and protect the electronic components.

To avoid Repetitive strain injuries and fatigue, the ergonomics of the chair mat is an important thing to be considered.


Don’t fall prey to the market forces. Go through the above-mentioned factors and arrive at a decision. Shopping online has numerous advantages over conventional shopping. It helps to sort a product by material, price, and color. Many shopping sites are offering high discounts on Chair mats for carpets. Shop on festive days and special days to get chair mats at best prices.

Source by John Smith