Pick Up the Perfect Kitchen Trolley for Your Kitchen Island


No matter how much we love the burgers in cafes or tacos in restaurants, nothing beats the time we spend in our kitchen, cooking for our family. Home is not home without a proper kitchen, where you can cook for your loved ones and share it all on the dining table. That is why, kitchen plays an essential part in our homes, which gives us a valid reason to keep our kitchen updated and well-facilitated.

Similarly, be it a dedicated built-in kitchen or a kitchen island, kitchen trolley is an important piece of furniture, that helps in serving the delicacies on the table along with being an extra storage platform. Also, if, you have got some workload which is not letting you dine with your family at the dining table, then this trolley can take a trip to your room, and be your small dining table for that day.

But when it comes to making a purchase, we often get confused as to which design to buy and what features should it have to add to the convenience. So, you may refer to the following tips that can help you make a super-hit purchase:

  1. Check the dimensions : Being a versatile piece of furniture, kitchen trolleys might sometimes be used as a platform to chop veggies on or to do the garnishing part, just before serving. Therefore, it needs to be of proper height because you will not love to use the trolley if you have to bend for long hours to work on it. A height of approx 35 "is favorable, but if you have a compact kitchen space then, do not go for a giant trolley that clutters your kitchen, more than being a utility.
  2. The proper surface : If you prefer chopping the vegetables very often on the kitchen trolley, then go for the wooden surface that takes the knife scratches pretty well. Off course, it would look untidy, when you serve your guests using the same trolley, that bears too many scratches on its surface.
  3. Drop Leaves top : While you knead the dough, you husband can lend a helping hand by chopping the vegetables on the same kitchen trolley, and you can share a good time as well. But to make this happen, the trolley has to have an extendable surface, to provide each one of you with an adequate amount of workspace. When no more in use, simply drop the leaves back into their positions.
  4. Check for storage options : A trolley just being a stationery additional surface would negate the whole idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis furniture item because the primary purpose of this trolley is to store all the cutlery items and linens that you might need while dining. You have a trolley that brings food to the table, but still, you have to keep getting up in between your meal to bring the table salt or pepper or anything else. So, a good amount of storage is an important consideration as well.
  5. Check for wheels : If your trolley does not have wheels, it is very close to losing the functionality it is created for because it is very inconvenient to drag the trolley and making irritating noises. So, make sure you get a trolley with wheels, that can carry a good amount of load and can still sway over your floor very smoothly.

After being sure about the suggestions mentioned above, you may then consider the look of the kitchen trolley and whether it is compatible to your decor or not because many times, we use kitchen trolleys to display our expensive glass-wares as well!

Source by Garvit Mehta