Purchase Your Home Theater System Now and Watch March Madness in Style!


Take advantage now of the sales on home theater systems so you can have your equipment installed in time for March Madness!

The annual NCAA college basketball tournament has exploded with popularity in the last 25 years, spawning parties, events and sparse attendance at work on days when the most exciting teams play. Unlike the Super Bowl, which is just one day, or the World Series, which last at most about a week, March Madness runs every day from the First Four on March 21 to the Final Four on April 4, followed by the championship April 6 . Many people do not want to miss any of the games, and many others will be unsatisfied watching them on the old flat-screen TVs they bought on sale a few years ago at their local electronics big-box store.

Immersive Technology

A proper home theater system really does justice to the sports-watching experience. Tickets to any live sporting event are expensive, and tickets to the March Madness games are unavailable to most people. Some say watching a game on TV is no substitute for a live event, but keep in mind if your seats are not in the first tier, you're going to have a hard time following the action in a basketball game. Watching a game on a superior home theater system can bring you closer to the action than almost any other experience.

With a particular big screen, the basketball can be as large as life, and sometimes larger! An Epson or JVC projector can bring the game right to your living room. You may remember the first projectors from the old days that were popular in sports bars across the country. The pictures were faded and drained of color – like watching a 16 mm film projected on your elementary school's cinderblock walls! Today's projectors available for home use are much more like the projectors used in commercial movie theaters. With 2,000 lumens available, you do not have to relegate your home theater to the dark basement anymore – put it any room you like; ambient light from windows will not affect this picture.

Upgrading to the 3D experience means you sit back in your chair and watch the players actually run right through your living room! The only thing missing is the distinct scent of gymnasium – sniff, ahhh.

Size Does Matter

Screen size is also important to the basketball fan's experience. Mammoth screens ranging from 120 to 138 inches make your viewing window as large as a wall in your home. With 1920×1080 HD and a 50,000: 1 contrast ratio, the picture resolution allows you to count the individual rubber nubs on the surface of each official NCAA basketball if you so desire.

Sound is a critical element of watching a sporting event and can make the difference between a realistic experience and a mundane one. High-end TruAudio or Paradigm speakers can provide eerily realistic surround-sound, with shouts from the crowd and squeaks from sneakers coming from all quadrants of the room. Have your speakers installed flush with your ceilings or walls and it will appear the audio is coming from the heavens above.

If you want to feel like you're courtside at the Final Four this March, contact your local luxury home theater dealer and find out more about purchasing top-of-the-line equipment to enhance all of your sports viewing experiences.

Source by Jill Smith