Renovating the Den With That Midas Touch


1. January

Jazzing up the kitchen

The best place to begin the renovation is from Kitchen. The place that hoards all the basic stuff for making the delectable platter, also hoards lot of trash and unused items. Time for reshuffling the cans and utensils and make place for some air. You can get those stackable furniture with multiple storage options. A great way to save on money and at the same time, give a neat look to the kitchen.

2. February

Flowering up the house

February is the month of pink winters and Valentine so why not sprinkle some love this month? Flowers and plants add to the greenery and bring in some fresh air. Get some indoor kitchen plants or you can create your kitchen garden by some easy hacks. Get the wall holders and give a different look to kitchen garden.

3. March

Makeshift the Living room

Living room is the heart of the house and more so in the crammed up space options these days. With constant storage issues, make room for furniture that is multi faceted. An ottoman that saves on space and gives that chic appeal to your living room. There are a lot of options available to choose from including storage ottomans.

4. April

Adding some glint to the walls

Wall cleaning remains to be a tedious task and much ignored one. You can make it a fun task by cleaning the walls and getting some fun wall art up. You can choose to pick those cheap wall arts or can make one at home. Wall painting can also be useful if you have a knack for it.

5. May

Mowing the lawn

Winters have just gone by and you plan to give a new look to the lawn before the spring. Mowing the lawn is a very important thing and it keeps it clean. A nicely mowed lawn can always be a good idea for an evening party. Do not forget to trim the leaves and do away with the wilted leaves.

6. June

Jammed up gutters

A clogged drain pipe can create havoc in your daily routine. Call a maintenance guy to fix the drain pipes or it may lead to moisture accumulation. Repeat procedure should be done twice a year.

7. July

Junking done away

We tend to hoard a lot of junk stuff during summer vacations. July is the right time to get rid of some of the unnecessary stuff that is not needed make some solace for fresh entrants. You can use specially designed trunks to hoard the stuff. A superb furniture choice.

8. August

Alleviate the carpet style

Carpets not only look classy but also are a good flooring option in many cities. Annual cleaning of carpets keeps them in a decent condition. A bottle of carpet cleaner and you are good to go. Alternatively, you can go for new flooring altogether.

9. September

Styling up the patio

Patio can enhance the overall look of the exteriors and leave an undeniable impression on the guests. Stack up some fresh plants and antique pots to give it a classy look. A rot iron chair is always a must if you want to grace the patio with furniture packages options.

10. October

Out of the box furniture ideas

October hints at the coming winters and it is the right time to pack up the things not required. Cluttered house looks dirty and eats up storage space. Rearrange the closet and make space for winter clothes and quilts. A prior dry cleaning of the winter stuff may be warranted.

11. November

Neating up the washrooms

Washrooms are the most used corner of the house. Check for clog, moisture, molds, stains on the mirror and fix the water drainage. A lot of furniture options are available to redo the washroom.

12. December

Decorating the dining space

With Christmas round the corner you would want to redo your dining area. Some quick hacks include getting new chair covers and cushions. Change the table cloth and get some embellished ones to go with the theme of the Christmas month. Jazz it up with scented candles on the dining table.

Source by Lynelle Thompson