Solid Wood Dining Room Furniture: Choosing Your Tables and Chairs



Solid wood dining room furniture is the best you can get due to its strength, rigidity and hard-wearing properties. However, there are many different woods than can be used, and many different designs, so here is some advice on choosing the furniture for your dining room that best suits your needs, with specific reference to your tables and chairs.

Seating Numbers

You must first decide on how many you want to seat at your table, bearing in mind that some tables can be extended to seat more for special occasions. This question might be answered by the size of your dining room, or perhaps yours is large enough for any size of dining table. Most choose from six to eight: two to four chairs each side and one at each end. However, you can choose larger if you prefer.

You might want a small dining table for regular use, but one that can be extended for special occasions such as dinner parties or seasonal celebrations. You generally have two options: tables with leaves attached, that can be pulled up when needed, or those with separate leaves that can be added as required.

Some older tables come with two, three or even four extra leaves that can be added to extend the length of the table, while modern dining tables can be fitted with clever mechanisms that extend the table at will.

Rectangular or Round?

Maybe you prefer an oval or circular table, such as that offered by American Craftsman. This furniture company offers a beautiful quarter sawn oak 54 inch round dining table, showing the beautiful graining of the solid wood. It comes with six matching chairs offering a set ideal for any traditional dining room.

Rectangular tables are easier to extend for large numbers of guests. Perhaps a fabulous Stickley polished mahogany dining table with leaves that will open to a total of 11 feet and seat ten or more people for these special occasions? There are many other famous furniture manufacturers available online from which you can choose the ideal solid wood dining room furniture.

Choose Your Chairs

Most suppliers of solid wood dining room furniture offer you the chairs to match, although there is no reason why you cannot purchase your table from one maker and your dining room chairs from another.

If you get the wood the same, then the maker is immaterial, and it is not uncommon for people to find a table with which they instantly fall in love, but don’t like the chairs that come with it. In such cases, keep looking until you find chairs that you are happy with: it’s worth taking your time when you are spending money on furniture for your dining room. You will live with it for a long time.

Choose Your Wood

Maple, Oak and walnut are the most popular woods for dining tables, and you should base your choice on the style of your room. If you are looking for solid wood dining furniture for an antique look, then walnut should be your choice. You won’t find solid walnut tables, but the base of the table will likely be solid oak with a beautifully varnished or glossy French-polished walnut veneer on top.

In saying that, American black cherry is in fashion, and many Americans prefer this to the traditional hardwoods. If you prefer that type of antique look, Southwood offer dining tables with beautiful Queen Anne style legs and a highly polished top. You will likely pay a bit extra for a walnut finish, but the beautiful patterns of the grain are well worth it.

Check the Construction

Solid wood dining room furniture must be constructed using traditional jointing techniques. If you see metal or plastic connectors, screwed or nailed butt joints or even screwed pocket joints, then expect to pay a budget price. Check under the table and chairs and make sure that the joints are dovetailed or mortise and tenon. These are traditional woodworking joints, stronger than any butt joint and will last a great deal longer.

Although you may believe the jointing methods used not to be important, cheap joints might also indicate that corners have been cut in other aspects of the furniture. If you have upholstered dining chairs rather than solid seats, maybe the fabric is cheap and will wear quicker, or the webbing holding the springs will soon burst – if there is webbing and not just a lump of foam! If on corner is cut, then others may be!

Guarantees and Delivery

Finally, make sure you get a lifetime guarantee with your furniture, and that it is delivered correctly. Make sure that it is properly examined for delivery damaged before the shipping company leaves your home, and that any scratches, dents or even discoloration of the upholstery is noted and signed for so that you can make a claim later.

Solid wood dining room furniture will grace any dining room, but make sure you know what you want in advance, and seek out the manufacturer that best meets your needs. Don’t be talked into purchasing a ‘discount’ dining room set unless you are sure it is not damaged – then, you might be lucky and get a great discount on perfect dining room furniture that is being sold to make space for the new models.


Source by Peter Nisbet