Tailgating Versus Trunkgating


So you, your spouse or significant other, and another couple are off to the big game where a good time is to be had by all. Everyone got up early to get all the necessities packed up and placed into their sport utility vehicle or pickup. Your friends have their cumbersome backyard barbecue grill tied onto the bed of their two seater pickup truck to effectively withstand category five hurricane force winds. The grill is equipped with a big steel chain and lock to deter theft while everyone is enjoying the game. They also brought a large cooler that would hold enough drinks for the entire team and the coaching staff, their lawn chairs and a rather large amount of other routine paraphernalia most of which also has a separate steel chain and lock combo. You and yours are just as loaded up in your SUV except for maybe the grill. You meet the others at a predetermined location at a certain time and are ready to hit the road, when all of a sudden there is a delay because someone has to stop and fill up with gas. Now it’s finally time to hit the road for the two hour trip to the stadium. About thirty minutes into the trip you are trying to relax from all of the preparations and delays; you are wishing you could all be together for some conversation and good times along the way but there is just too much stuff for one vehicle. You are also hoping that you don’t get separated in traffic because when you get to the stadium you want to be able to park side by side.

Wait a minute; you suddenly realize this is supposed to be fun and relaxation with friends! You realize that by the time you get to the stadium, unpack, eat, re-pack, watch the game and drive back, the fun factor is being diminished considerably. The only time you get to spend with your friends is at the stadium.

Why not use portable, compact products that fold up, close up and store in a much smaller space? Now all friends can ride in one car and have fun along the way. The SUV or pickup truck will no longer be a requirement for game day; let’s face it, the car probably gets better fuel mileage anyway!

Some great ideas might include a portable, folding, compact picnic table that seats four, a gas grill and cooler combo pack that keeps the drinks cold and stores the grill, an insulated picnic basket for the perishable food, four folding stadium seats with storage pockets and carry straps, and an insulated tote bag for condiments, paper plates etc.

Now we’re talking about a FUN trip with friends, less stuff, fewer hassles and all may be hauled and stored in a space of about seven or eight cubic feet such as a car trunk.

Go team!

Source by Jim Roland