The Dimensions For A Modular Sofa Should Be Measured Correctly


Sofa sets form the most important furniture item in any household. People spend large sums of money on buying the latest designs of sofas for their homes. Currently the trend in sofas which has caught the fancy of the buyers is that of modular sofas.

There are, however, two very important aspects relating to the purchase of these sofas which one which bear in mind:

Use Correct Dimensions

Before buying this sofa, it is important to carefully plan the place where it will be placed in the house. Once the place has been decided, the available space in that area of the house should be very accurately measured. All the required measurements for the making of the sofa should be taken. In case there are any protruding items in that space, they should be correctly accounted for in the measurement of the space for the sofa. If you are unable to do it yourself, it is always better to call in a professional from the shop where you will be buying the sofa or getting it made from and ask him to take the correct measurements. Any fault in these measurements can render the entire sofa set useless.

Measure The Doorway As Well

This is one aspect which is missed by most of the people. This factor becomes extremely important in the case where you are buying a readymade sofa or a fully assembled piece. It has been seen that people get a very large size sofa made for their living rooms and do not take into account the space in the doorway. This results in a disastrous situation when they try to bring in the sofa from the shop into their homes and the sofa just won’t fit through their doorway. Many times, the sofa had to be replaced or dismantled and reassembled inside the house, which costs extra money.