The Features Of Honda 250cc Scooters


While Honda 250cc scooters are limited to the Japanese market exclusively, learning about the features of these machines can be very beneficial when comparing scooters that are currently available in your particular region. It is not known why Honda only released its Faze model in Japan, but there have been rumors of its eventual release in the United Kingdom and United States.

The engine type of Honda 250cc scooters are single cylinder four stroke engines with twenty two horsepower. The Honda Faze ABS is a fuel injected scooter with a liquid cooling system and an automatic gear box. These motor scooters are extremely conservative when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions with a little over fifty six grams per kilometer. This makes it an incredibly earth friendly transportation option for those seeking to lighten their carbon footprint.

The bike design itself was developed to help reduce the vibrations put forth by the engine. The technology used for the model’s design is in the process of being patented. With a backbone frame type, telescopic forking front suspension and a swing type unit for the back, the Honda Faze ABS is equipped to maneuver in and out of tight spaces. Both the front and rear brakes feature ABS (anti locking brake systems).

The physical measurements of Honda 250cc scooters vary from other sizes and types of the Honda scooter family. The Honda Faze ABS weighs one hundred eighty three kilograms or four hundred three pounds when dry. Including gas, oil and other maintenance liquids the weight jumps roughly eleven more kilograms or twenty four pounds. The power and weight ratio of this particular Honda scooter model is roughly point two horsepower per kilogram. The seat height at the lowest adjustable setting is twenty nine inches while overall height comes in at sixty inches. Length by width for the Faze is eighty five inches by forty five inches.

Other features and specifications of the Honda Faze ABS 250cc scooter is its capacity to hold two riders and its electric starter. There are three color options available: blue, black and white. When comparing these specifications to the Honda scooter models available to you in your particular area, you could very well find a scooter that meet your needs that match very closely to the Honda Faze. The closest cubic centimeter engine currently being offered in the United States for purchase by Honda is 150cc.

Source by Alexander Sutton