The Most Famous Seats in the World


Sitting down plays a large role in everybody’s life, just think about the amount of time you spend sitting down in an average day. In fact some recent estimates suggest that we spend over eight hours of each day sitting down. We sit when we eat, when we drive, when we are at work, when we watch television and the list goes on and on. So with all this time that an average human spends sitting there must be some pretty well known seats out there. Perhaps these seats could include some famous banquette seating which a king or queen dined from or maybe some fworld known booth seating in a fifties style cafĂ© that James Dean or Marilyn Monroe sat in. These are arguably some very famous seats however it would appear that there are some even more famous seats out their.

The first seat in this list is what is considered to be the most famous seat in cinema. It’s the bench seating from the film Forrest Gump. This famous seat is featured throughout the entire film and is where the kind, simple man tells the story of his life and how he met the love of his life Jenny. This seat isn’t in some film studio in Hollywood it is an actual bench located in Savannah, Georgia USA which thousands of people use everyday. The bench is mentioned in every tour of Savannah and is one of the cities most famous locations.

The next in our list of well known seats is one of the most famous seats in musical history. You may be thinking it is a seat in the Sydney opera house, or perhaps one in Madison square garden, but you would be wrong. The next famous seat in this article is located in Graceland, Memphis Tennessee. That’s right it’s the world famous toilet which Elvis passed away on. Some people would argue that this does not count as a seat but what else do you do on a toilet if you don’t sit?

The final seat in this article is what can be considered the most famous seat in the world. The pope’s chair or “throne” located in St. Peter’s Basilica is where the leader of the Catholic faith performs mass and where he makes some of the most important decisions for Catholicism. Almost a billion people across the globe look to this seat for guidance from the man who sits in it and that is why it can be considered the most famous seat in the world.

So there you have it those are perhaps the three most famous seats in the world from three of the most influential mediums in the world, film, music and religion.

Source by Nikki Maidment