Tips On Choosing The Best Home Theater Seating


Whether updating an existing home theater room or creating a new one, home theater seating is one of the most important pieces that will be added. When choosing home theater seating, customers have many choices to make. No matter what the budget may allow, there is home theater seating that meets the needs of every individual.

Home Theater Seating ~ Loungers Provide Comfort & Enjoyment

Home Theater Loungers provide the best in comfort. They come in a range of fabrics from micro-fiber to premium leather. Colors chosen can greatly enhance the overall look and theme of the home theater room. Loungers made with hardwood, although not visible, are the best choices as they are sturdy. Hardwoods to look for include oak, alder, maple, and other tight-grained woods.

One option for home theater seating is motorized loungers which allow effortless reclining to any position. This provides a lounger that is precise in its angle providing the finest in comfort. Loungers that are not motorized have a manual arm or a pushback that places them in reclined positions. If purchasing a group of seats together and choosing the motorized feature, all seats will have the motorized function.

A second option is bass shakers. As the name suggests, bass shakers resonate with the coordinated bass sounds associated with the movie's soundtrack. The shaker is hidden in the back of the chair and is not visible. This offers an optimal movie viewing experience as the body and seat of the lounger shake as the drama unfolds on the big screen.

Home theater loungers can be purchased in groups or separately. Mostly all loungers come with dual arm rests and dual cup holders. Some 2, 3, and 4 unit home theater seats may also come with additional storage between them.

Home Theater Room Dimensions ~ Dealing with Limited Space

For many, space is a factor that must be considered. Most people do not have an unlimited space or large area. If space-saving is a factor, wall hugger models could solve the problem. They can be placed just inches from the wall and are still able to function in a reclining position. This type of home theater seating can also be placed in rows for those tight-to-fit places. Measuring the space in which loungers will be placed is important before buying. Leaving 3 feet on each end of the loungers is suggested to permit ample room to walk and maneuver.

Choosing the appropriate home theater loungers for a home theater room should be an enjoyable experience. As with any major investment or purchase, considerable time is necessary before making these decisions. Only after comparing types of loungers and researching many products, can the best choice be made. After the loungers are in place, prepare for the greatest movie experience of all.

Source by Christina Moyer