Tips To Choose Modular Kitchen Furniture And Installation


Setting up a Modular Kitchen will not only ensure a trendy make over to the cooking space but will also make it more convenient and efficient. The modern layout of kitchen furniture includes various units of cabinets, each designed for a unique purpose.

Here are a few tips and guidelines while choosing the most appropriate modular kitchen design.

Planning: Keep in mind the space and layout of your kitchen. Modular kitchens are available in various standard sizes and patterns and it is important that you choose a model that suits the space of the kitchen and the needs of the family. In case you are unable to make up your mind, it will be a good idea to engage a reputed interior designer for the best advice.

Budget: It is important that you plan a budget before shopping for modular kitchen furniture as it is available in a huge range of prices. There are many models that bring together functionality and beauty.

Material: Kitchen designs is available in various materials like wood, glass, steel and stone. Choose a material that is strong, long lasting and easy to clean. The material should be sturdy enough to carry the weight of the kitchens and the colors should match the decor and the shades of the kitchen area. Weigh the pros and cons of the various materials and choose the best.

Position: The Modular kitchen should be installed in such a way that these do not block the light, making the kitchen dark. If needed, small lights can be fixed under the cabinet to enhance lighting.

Size: Select a model that is easy to use and reach. The height of the cabinets should be chosen as per the requirement and your reach. The decorations and fixtures of the cabinet should not obstruct our movement in the kitchen or the comfort level. More than flashy designs, functional models are preferred. The cabinets should cater to the daily needs of the inmates of the house. Make sure that there are separate racks and storage units for knives, spoons, plates, electrical sockets, utensils, and even appliances.

Reputed Brand: Choose a brand of repute to ensure trouble free service. Check the warranty card and the bill to ensure that you get what you have been promised.

You can either hire a contractor to install the Modular kitchen cabinets or try doing it yourself. Plan the lay out carefully and take accurate measures. There will be detailed instructions and installation manuals with step by step instructions. The cabinets should be fixed evenly and securely.

Install the upper cabinets first as it will ensure ample free space to work on. Once you are done with the upper ones, you can fix the lower cabinets and like the uppers these too can be set into place easily once the studies are spotted. Correct fitting and secure screwing is of prime importance. Once the lowers are installed, the countertop can be added. Cut into the right dimensions, leaving an area for the sink and these can be screwed from underneath and sealed with caulk.

Source by Anamika Swami