Tips To Consider When Installing Auditorium Seating Framing


Auditorium seating typically is the beam seating that has several seats positioned on one framing system. This particular type of seating is safer than almost any other seating system. This type of seating system allows for more seats to be placed in an area than if you used any other seating system. You will also find that the beam system will be better priced than almost any other variety of chairs. If you are needing chairs for large numbers of people you want to install beam seating as your auditorium seating.

Auditorium seating that is the beam style will need to anchor to the floor of the structure. Even if the row of chairs is going to be sitting in close proximity to a wall they need to be anchored to the floor for stability. If the beams are not anchored to the floor the row of seats will have a tendency to tip over backwards when weight is applied to the back of the seats. This could potentially result in patrons being injured, so the beams must be anchored in place.

The area where the auditorium seating is about to be installed must be cleaned, and the floor must be free of debris. You are going to need plenty of room inside the area to maneuver with the framework of the seating system, and you will need debris free floors in order to be able to set the framework up properly. If a piece of debris is under one of the legs of the frame then the row of seats will be un-level, and this means the entire row will be slightly unstable.

The frame to the row of seats should be brought into the area and placed exactly where the row of chairs needs to be. Once the framework is in the proper position you can mark the floor where the bolts will be when the frame is anchored. Marking the bolt pattern will allow you to pre-drill the holes where the legs will be anchored, and this will save you some grief when you start to try to install the bolts that will hold the frame in place.

After you have the marks made on the floor where the bolts will be, you will need to take an appropriate sized drill bit and pre-drill a hole for the screws to go into. You want the hole you drill to be slightly smaller than the bolt you will be using so that the bolt will get a grip and hold firmly in place.

When your holes are drilled you will clean away the debris this activity created and then set the frame in place. Using the correct size bolts you will anchor the frame to the floor, using the holes you drilled. When you tighten the bolts do not tighten them as far down as possible until all bolts have been installed. Once all bolts are in place go back to all of the other bolts and tighten them down as far as possible.

Source by Ador Talukdar