Traditional Living Room Furniture


The American Traditional style of furniture was influenced by English and French styles. With time it evolved into a unique American style. The traditional living room furniture includes styles such as the clean and simple lines of Shaker furniture, the simplicity of the Mission style and similar styles from artisans in the Southwest and all corners of the country. American traditional style is thus a blend of several styles and it takes the best that every different style has to offer.

The only drawback of traditional living room furniture is that most pieces in this style are a bit large. So if you would like to furnish your living room in this style you need to have a large living room. Sofas, recliners and stand alone chairs generally come with curved and artistically done up handles and legs. These pieces need to be kept well apart so as not to give a crowded look to the room. Besides, it is only when they are placed apart can the craftsmanship be admired.

Well-seasoned good quality wood is used for crafting pieces of traditional living room furniture. Oak, pine, mahogany and walnut are all popular choices for creating exquisite pieces of traditional furniture. The natural rich tones of wood are enhanced by upholstery in traditional prints and soft textures. The end effect is a warm cozy look that looks very inviting.

When opting for a traditional décor it is advisable to select furniture that represents many styles and eras, from Chippendale to Queen Anne and Sheraton to Victorian. Small touches of Oriental influences also look very attractive in this setting. Painted landscapes, a Queen Anne table or lampshade or a Chippendale highboy will immediately give your living room a traditional touch.

Soft and cushy sofas and love seats accessorized with pillows, rolled arms and slipcovers all done up in floral upholstery in subdued colors will give you a warm traditional look.

Source by Eddie Tobey