Tucked In-Benefits of Nesting Tables


Whether you’ve got a sprawling house in the suburbs or your first tiny apartment, most of us are happy to find a little more space. It’s usually when we have friends and family in our homes that we need to seek out that little extra floor space, seating, or table top.

One way to maximize your space is to buy furniture that does double duty. You can also use furniture that contains built-in storage. But if you find that you can use more table space, nesting tables are a good choice.

Nesting tables are a set of tables, typically two, three, or four. They are all different sizes, but the same proportions, and have bases that enable you to slide the smallest underneath the next larger table, and that set of tables under the next largest. Place the biggest table wherever you need an accent or end table, and then pull out the smaller tables when you need some extra table space-for parties, holidays, or movie night.

When it comes to selecting nesting tables, you have a few factors to consider. How “big” a nest do you want? Are you looking for a pair of tables, or do you want as many as a set can give you? Nesting tables come in different shapes; round and square are typical, but you can find small triangles, just the right size to hold a drink, and larger rectangles that can act as a pair of console tables. What kind of space are you trying to fill? How do you want these tables to work for you?

Accent tables are not the only nesting tables you can find. If want a little more seating around your living room, you can find coffee tables that nest-but with ottomans or stools that you can pull out when you need a spare seat. Just slip back underneath when the guests go home.

Nesting tables come in as many styles as any other furniture you can buy. Do your tastes run to the traditional? You can find nesting tables in antique cherry and golden oak, with turned legs and inlaid marble tops. Contemporary styles are abundant-do you like molded glass, glass and metal, acrylic, and geometric shapes? Do you favor natural materials? You can find nesting tables with tops in leather, slate, stone, tile, and animal prints.

Nesting tables are not the only form of furniture that can do a lot of work in a little space. You can find many different types of multipurpose furniture that can help you when you are looking to make the most of limited space. If you are looking for seating, you can look for storage benches. They combine a bench seat with a hinged top; they provide a deep space to store bulky items, or come with storage baskets in cubicles that let you sort the things that you want to keep nearby.

Hall trees are another versatile form of furniture that combines a storage bench with a high-backed panel that usually is installed with hooks for jackets and bags, and a mirror for a quick glance at yourself before you leave the house. They may also incorporate a few less-conventional features, such as an umbrella stand, a desk for a home management center, electrical outlets for charging your cell phone or laptop, shoe cubbies, and upper cabinets or shelves for some centrally-located but out of the way storage.

Consider these adaptive types of furniture-nesting tables, storage benches, and hall trees–whenever you are shopping for household furnishings. It never hurts to make your choices work smarter for you.

Source by Jennifer Akre