Types of Breakfast Nook Seating


The breakfast nook is a room just off of the kitchen or a part of the kitchen where you place the kitchen table. This set of furniture is sometimes called the breakfast nook set. Dining furniture for the kitchen is often less formal than dining furniture for a dining room. As a result there are several different options when it comes to the kitchen nook seating arrangements. This article will discuss some of those options. Of course, most homeowners use a combination of more than one type of seating described here.

The most obvious form of breakfast nook seating is chairs. Individual chairs are most commonly used in sets with a small kitchen table that sits two to four people. The smaller tables work better with chairs. The chairs for your kitchen table can be any style you can imagine. For small café style dining sets you might find iron rod chairs. For tall pub style tables, you might find tall stools. Alternatively, you might find traditional dining room furniture with carved wooden chairs with high backs.

If you are interested in being able to seat more people around your table and you do not have the kitchen nook space requirements to add more chairs, then you might consider bench seating. Free standing breakfast nook benches are similar to chairs in that they typically have four legs at the corners with perhaps a support leg or two in the center of a long bench. However, bench seats can accommodate more people than number of chairs they replace. Generally, you can fit one and a half people on a bench for every chair you replace. Kitchen bench seating is a great way to increase your seating capacity without making the table larger or squeezing in chairs uncomfortably.

There is another type of breakfast nook bench that you might consider if you need still more room at your breakfast table. When you use a furniture set with chairs or free standing benches, you need to leave a buffer of space between the edge of the table and any walls so that there is room to pull chairs and benches out away from the table when you sit or stand. If you push the benches you are using against a wall, then you do not have to leave as much space between the edge of the table and the wall. That means you can afford to have a slightly larger table and as a result accommodate more people at your kitchen nook table. This type of breakfast nook seating might be called a booth similar to something you would find in a restaurant.

The last type of seating for the kitchen I would like to discuss is corner breakfast nook benches. The corner nook set will have an L shaped bench that fits against two walls. Instead of separate bench seats like when they are free standing or on either side of a table like a booth, these bench seats are all connected into one large L shaped piece of furniture. Corner nook sets have one advantage over other types of breakfast nook seating and that is that they provide storage. Nooks with storage are nook sets with corner bench seats with storage compartments under the seat or in the high back of the bench. The storage area under the seat can be used for any number of things but most popularly for small appliances and linens. The storage shelf in the back of the bench seat is usually a cabinet with a spice rack or a cabinet for thin items like cookie sheets and cutting boards.

Source by Malisa Holderbaum