Valentine’s Gift For Guys That Love Baseball $25 and Under


Having a tough time figuring out what you guy would really want for Valentine’s Day? Does he like Baseball? Baseball fans are usually pretty devoted to their sport. They anxiously await that first pitch of the season and they devotedly pray for their team to make it to postseason playoffs.  They are easily excited by all things baseball, which make them easy people to shop for. Below are 10 gift ideas for baseball fans, all of which cost under $25.00.

1. offers many gifts for the baseball fan, including some great holiday options. A very affordable gift is a 3 pack of glass ornaments that feature the professional team of your choice. The 3 ornaments cost $19.99 and will look great on any Christmas tree.

2. Hopefully your favorite baseball fan also has a sense of humor. If so, purchase a Wild Cling Shatter Baseball for $9.99. This gag gift makes it look like a baseball has shattered the window of a vehicle and is available from

3. To increase the comfort of your fan while sitting on hard bleachers at local games, purchase a Bleacher Back Stadium Seat for $19.95. This bleacher seat can be found at, has a convenient carrying strap, folds up easily and connects to the bleacher with one strong buckle.

4. The traveling fan needs a traveling mug. At you can find a stainless steel mug that looks like it has a baseball in the center of it. The mug holds 16 oz. of liquid and costs $11.99.

5. Find a minor league team near your fan and purchase tickets to the game. The great thing about minor league baseball is that it’s cheap! Tickets are generally less than $10.00, they serve hot dogs and beer, and there are always entertaining antics in between innings.

6. Baseball fans love to read all about their favorite sport.  The Sports Illustrated Baseball Book has loads of information for only $19.77. It’s available at, along with many other baseball history books.  

7. Visit and find a baseball print your fan would be proud to hang on the wall. You can find prints of baseball stadiums and baseball players, as well as Norman Rockwell classic prints, among other pieces of art. Just type “baseball” into the site’s search engine and shop away.

8. Many clever and original gifts can be found at One gift in particular is a welcome mat for the fan’s home; it’s shaped like home plate and says ‘home’ in big bold letters. This unique conversation starter is $25.00.  

9. Another gift for the home is a Baseball Wall Clock. Quartz makes a clock that has baseballs on every hour and a stadium as the background. Find this clock for $24.99 at

10. The baseball fan in your life might like a slogan t-shirt from  Slogan t-shirts are inexpensive, starting at only $12.99, and they are funny and clever as well. A few examples of the slogans include “Life begins when the season starts” and “Step into my office” with a picture of home plate emblazoned across the t-shirt.  Browse all the slogans and choose the one that fits your fan’s personality.

These gift ideas are sure to be a home run with the baseball fan in your life!

Source by Amber Contant