Best Ergonomic Desk Chair For Women


While all of the top ergonomic desk chairs are highly adjustable and are supposed to fit most of the population, there are two ergonomic desk chairs that are especially great for women.

Option 1:

Herman Miller Aeron Chair: Size A/B: For petite women, choose size A and average women can choose size B – you have no doubt already heard about the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller. It is one of the top selling ergonomic office chairs of all time.

The reason being these chairs are well-crafted, comfortable and you can sit on these Aerons for hours on end without feeling lower back pain, neck pain or the sweaty butt – normally associated with cheap office chairs.

This is a great choice for you.

Option 2:

Steelcase Leap Chair – The Leap Chair by Steelcase is equally heralded as the Aeron Chair and with good reason. The Leap has won numerous design awards and is rated by the Wall Steet Journal as the Best Desk Chair.

The Leap is especially great for women because it is not large and cumbersome like the Aeron. The Leap is elegant, sleek and comes in one size fits all.

All parts are adjustable (the height of the chair, the arms, etc) and the Leap is especially great because it has Steelcase’s patented LiveBack technology, which adapts to the shape of your back no matter how you are sitting.

Final Words

If you it fits your budget, I recommend “test sitting” either one of these great top of the line ergonomic desk chairs. Your back (and butt) will thank you!

Source by Jacoub Jonathan