Increase Your Available Space By Using Telescopic Seating


Telescopic seating is also known as retractable seating, and retractable bleachers. By installing telescopic seating in an area you can increase the number of available seats you have for spectators that come to see an event.

Telescopic seating allows you to use a space for more than one thing. With this type of seating a gymnasium in a school can be used for the children to play games in or it can be used for sporting events that need to have seating for several spectators.

Telescopic seating can turn a large empty area into an arena with chairs in a matter of minutes. The bleachers fold up and are pushed against the walls when they seating is not needed, and when the time comes that the seats are needed the bleachers are pulled out to expose the chairs.

You may remember the bleachers from your high school as being wooden items that had no back rests on the areas where you were supposed to sit. There were also no cushions on the areas where you were supposed to sit. These bleachers were uncomfortable, at best, but they functioned to allow parents to come see basketball games, graduations, and band concerts.

The bleacher of your childhood memory has been replaced with metal bleachers that are lightweight and versatile. There are often cushioned chairs positioned on the folding metal sections that are much more comfortable than those hard wooden benches of our youth.

These seating systems are designed so that the area can be filled with seats by pulling the sections away from the wall and allowing the seats to unfold. They are also designed in such a manner than one small portion of the system can be pulled away from the wall independently of the remaining sections. This allows the area to be customized for different types of events, and for different numbers of expected guests.

Some of the systems simply have seats that fold up to create more walking room between the rows. These seats will remind you of the ones you sit in when you go to the movies. The seat portion of the chair folds up to rest against the back portion of the chair. This allows for more room and allows the person cleaning up after an event to be able to clean under the seats easily.

These seating systems are custom ordered so that you get to fill your space with the amount you need without having to buy more than you need. The manufacturers will need the dimensions of the room, and what the room will be primarily used for, in order to suggest the appropriate number of seats.

Schools use these systems frequently and so do community centers. Some private foundations use these systems to create areas where large numbers of people can be invited to see an event. There are many possibilities for the types of institutions that could benefit from a way to triple their seating capabilities in minutes.

Source by Ador Talukdar