Decorating Small Spaces For a Youthful Modern Look


Are you looking for interior decorating ideas to give your small home or apartment a youthful, modern look? This collection of interior decorating tips for small spaces will give you ideas on how to make the rooms come alive.

The youthful, modern look is characterized by clean lines, classic furniture and the effective use of white with daylight coming through minimally clad windows.

Clean Lines, Classic Furniture

Selecting furniture with sleek lines makes an area look less crowded and more spacious. For instance, when choosing chairs for a dining room table, consider selecting retro-style aluminum chairs which imitate the brushed-steel finish of kitchen appliances. They not only complement the kitchen appliances but are easily moved into other areas of the home when needed.

Furniture in small rooms can be fairly good size but you want to limit the number of pieces. Built-in storage is crucial to a neat, well-organized room.

White on White

A white on white color scheme lends itself to simplicity. Using black accents will keep an area from being too pale. If you feel that all white or neutral upholstery and bed linens are too boring, add a few accessories in one or two accent colors. This can be light tan or cream color or perhaps a little more color, such as sage green. The change of seasons is a good time to incorporate colors that are predominate that time of year.

Better Use of Space

A decorating tip for small rooms is to make three uninteresting small rooms into one big room. You will create more livable space but still have well-defined areas for eating, cooking and conversation which will create smooth traffic patterns in the room.

Incorporating large expanses of glass let light flow into the rooms and at the same time expands the view to include the outdoors. It feels as though you have another living area! Sliding glass doors work well in the bedroom and the living area since they take up less space than French doors.

Color, Pattern and Texture

To make a room seem larger, minimize color and pattern which allows the eye to travel from one object to the next without stopping to focus on a dominant element in the room. The use of texture in a small space adds interest without making the room too busy. A quilted bedspread, woven storage baskets, and an interesting spherical paper lamp shade add interest to a white on white bedroom.

Source by Lynn Cressy