The Dependability of Commercial Outdoor Restaurant Furniture in Unusual Climates


On a sunny, warm summer's day, it can be hard to find a person who wouldn't want to dine out on their favorite restaurant's patio. If your restaurant is located in an area that undergoes unusual or extreme climate changes, there is a concern that the furniture may fall apart. The most reliable outdoor furniture can stand up to the rigors of the weather to save money in the long term, and please guests year round.

Extreme Heat

If your restaurant is in a part of the country that gets extremely hot during the summertime, you undoubtedly limit outdoor patio time to spring and fall-but do you limit your chairs' and tables' exposure like you do your customers'? If you don't, you could be in for a shock come fall. Extreme heat can cause plastic outdoor furniture to lose its integrity and make it more vulnerable to breaking or shattering. In climates like these, wicker furniture is the best option because it will not get hot to the touch and it can handle much of the heat if you leave it outdoors. Be sure to check all furniture at the beginning and end of each year for wear and tear issues.

Rainy Season

If your area of ​​the country undergoes extended and heavy periods of rain, your restaurant's patio furniture needs to be prepared for it. Wooden furniture is a terrible idea for this type of climate as it can soak up the water and can stay wet for days after a good rainstorm. Metal chairs and tables can be a good choice for these climates as long as they are rust-proof, but plastic is often the best choice to face the damp climates.

Extreme Cold

Extremely cold temperatures are generally a sign that you should bring in your restaurant's patio furniture-but if you can't, don't fret; get rust-proof metal furniture. Because it can absorb water which then freezes, you should avoid wood in areas that are susceptible to extreme cold spells. Freezing water inside of the wood cells can cause furniture to splinter and lose integrity quickly. Likewise, plastic has difficulty handling extreme cold spells and can become brittle when exposed to the elements.

Wherever you live and in whatever climate, seek out a reliable supplier to purchase your restaurant patio furniture from. They will be able to guide you through any issues their products may have with extreme weather and help you pick the best choice for your local climate.

Source by Matthew Washabaugh